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I’ve given more than 100 interviews in my 4 years of industry experience. I am a self-taught developer and frontend is something I love and can do forever.

But when I interviewed those 100 companies I found that most of them revolve around a similar set of questions.

Even most companies have the same set of assignments 😁 I mean I’ve copy paste most of the code and submitted it, Why not, I don’t want to waste my time in giving bullshit assignments when I’ve shown the HR 70+ projects collection.

I don’t know why the hell they still want me to write code for them when they can see those 70+ GitHub projects and for verification, they can check the commits list, it’s ME, it’s my NAME on those commits list.

Never mind, if your fave such situations I mean you have the right to ask for payment for the assignment, imagine if your code is way good and they end up using it and don’t even select you because they find another candidate fitter.

Let’s come back to the story, here is the set of questions, those 50 questions, I am still adding more and more questions to be patient if you find more questions in future.

Save this story for the future, when you prepare for the interview simply go through them.

No need to memorise the answer just try to understand the concept and follow the leads.
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  1. What is React
  2. What is React lifecycle?
  3. Explain Virtual DOM in React and its significance
  4. What is JSX
  5. Explain states and props
  6. What are props drilling in React?
  7. What is the key prop in React and its benefit?
  8. What is CSR(client-side rendering)
  9. What is Higher Order Component in React
  10. What is React Context API and why do we need it?
  11. How to improve React application performance?
  12. How to avoid re-rendering in react component
  13. What are pure components and stateless components
  14. Explain code splitting in React
  15. What are Hooks and why they are introduced
  16. What are controlled and uncontrolled components
  17. What are the Container component and Presentational component
  18. What is Redux
  19. What is actions, reducers and store does in Redux
  20. What is SSR(server-side rendering)
  21. What are useCallback, useEffect, useMemo and useLayoutEffect
  22. what is useRef in React
  23. Explain the difference between var, let and const in javascript
  24. What is async/await in Javascript
  25. What is a PROMISE in Javascript
  26. Define indexOf and includes a method in javascript
  27. What is map(), filter() and reduce() methods in javascript
  28. Explain event loop in javascript
  29. Explain setTimeOut and setInterval
  30. Explain closures and hoisting in Javascript
  31. Difference between arrow function and functional declaration
  32. What is Next JS
  33. What is SSR, ISG and SSG?
  34. What are getInitialProps and getStaticProps?
  35. Explain dynamic importing in React
  36. How to add routing in React applications
  37. How to add pagination in React application
  38. How to handle responsiveness in React application
  39. How to improve SEO of React application
  40. Explain React Fiber and its benefits
  41. What do Babel and Webpack do
  42. Why do we need to transpile React code?
  43. What is the strict mode component and How to use it?
  44. What is lazy loading and how to add it?
  45. What are synthetic events in react
  46. What is React Portal
  47. What is the reconciliation algorithm in React?
  48. What is REST API
  49. How to fetch data using API in the front, explain axios and fetch module
  50. How to access the Window object in React application

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