Become a Frontend web developer in 2023 - A step by step guide

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This is the roadmap that I wish I had when I was starting out to become a frontend developer I came up with this roadmap which helps with the goal to becoming an all-rounded developer.
There are six steps in this roadmap.

Don’t rush into frontend developer just because it’s trending or because your friend tells you that you’ll get a higher pay
if you become a FE developer instead understand what this profession is all about

–>why do companies hire developers??
–>what problems are you expected to solve??
–>what are your responsibilities as a developer??

Who is a front-end developer??

Whether you enjoy using a website or are super prepared to click the fastest button out of it is partly a result of the design of the website, behind the immersive experience you get is a programmer we professionally refer to as a front-end developer. A front-end developer is responsible for building the layout of a website from scratch including various icons and toggles that users rely on to get a service done. They work in sync with UI UX designers and back-end developers with a mandate to ensure that web pages are purpose-built and alluring.

okay, now who are backend developers?

Become a Frontend web developer in 2023 – A step by step guide

Back-end developers do the exact opposite of frontenders do as a programmer in the field you are expected to implement all the background stuff like development of the infrastructure, database and Communications etc. While front-end developers major in what a consumer sees, back-end guys design and observe supporting elements.

Full stack developers on the other hand mastered both Specialties and can crisscross their separate mechanics.

So how to become a front-end developer??

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The first thing to do is learn the Three core languages front-end development HTML CSS JavaScript these languages are foundational elements of a website, and you can learn them by leveraging countless online resources.
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Basic but indispensable languages hypertext markup language or HTML certainly one using it you can design the skeletal structure of web pages it works in the placement of text page components like paragraphs navigation bars headings sections and so on. It is also Central to the addition of images videos and other multimedia however, because it is quite an Elementary language has to be supplemented by CSS and JavaScript for full effect.


Short for cascading style sheets CSS is the next layer in the formation of an aesthetic front end you basically use to include colors fonts and layout to your web pages. This language will also enable you to configure websites on different devices such as phones, and personal computers can present content in separate but adapted styles although we frequently mention it in the same breath as HTML and JavaScript it can work independently

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you can use it for site maintenance and the distribution of style across web pages one way to enhance your skills with this language is by learning how it interacts with frameworks like bootstrap tailwind CSS.


The Third Leg of the web development tripod is JavaScript it helps you customize your page so that it becomes more visually engaging beyond the less advanced inclusion of HTML and CSS. JavaScript allows you to insert animations graphical effects Dynamic Styles constantly updated Maps a variety of other exciting stuff. JavaScript there are collections of libraries and Frameworks you want to learn to but before you get confused by our interchangeable terms library and framework both share many similarities and serve some slightly different purposes.

The library enables you to add specific functionalities to your code a framework on the other hand is pre-written code that enables you to skip the rudimentary trial-and-error process of writing code for routine areas of your project, in essence, both differ in terms of what a developer can include. having said that jQuery is a JavaScript library that enables you to add custom elements to your projects framework side of things are multiple tools that apply to different cases in reality though you will mostly need a few Angular, React, Ember and Vue are some of the Frameworks.

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Create a portfolio also do not want to miss out on selling yourself at every opportunity one way to do this is by creating a portfolio where you can present the stuff you created to others for criticism and invent newer tricks from there not every project you include at the early stages of your front-end Development Career must be client project for emphasis the focus on cultivating your technical skill this does not mean you should exclude developing soft skills as well as you become better at communication and implementation.

Now that you’re on track it’s time to get more exposure you can connect with like-minded people joining global or local communities and tech products or design it helps you get to know people and learn from the experiences. I also highly encourage you to document your learnings as I suggest linkedin or twitter.
Your learnings can be documented in a written form by documenting your learnings it increases your chances of being seen by recruiters or companies.

what else do you need to do?

Practice well first thing to intensively practice coding you quickly become a pro by improving your skills consistently the work you put into familiarizing the easier it comes to you and the be the jobs you can land connected to this is the need to stay on top of emerging technologies to keep your techniques refined and up to date you can access tons of online developer communities where you meet new coders share ideas.

Apply for jobs now that you’ve got your case studies ready you’ve already talked to people in the industry i think it’s time for you to start creating your portfolio and your resume and start applying for jobs.
Refine your resume at this stage and double check your case study and portfolio for any careless mistakes make sure all your links really work and apply for jobs include a cover letter if you have to.

5.Kevin Powell, YouTube
6.Flex Box Adventure
8.Frontend Mentor

Do you think there are other strategies and inspiring front-end developer can apply what other skills should be learned for hiring purposes, leave your thoughts in the comments section.
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