We’ve moved to Fosstodon 🦣

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Back in November, the DEV Team announced that we had begun exploring the Fediverse:

With the caveat that…

We look forward to expanding our presence into new and exciting servers in the future — for now, this is our home for toots.

The time for that expansion has come! Beginning today, we’ll be Tooting from @[email protected]. 🥳🎉

Because this is such a novel and exciting time in the social media sphere, and we here at DEV are particularly interested in the independent web as well as the potential of open source software, we wanted to let you in on how and why this decision was made.

We started on Mastodon.Social for a few reasons:

  • @ben had already made us an account there back in 2017. Thanks Ben!
  • At the time, it was the fastest-growing and best-known Mastodon server.
  • It was a topic-neutral place to start as we observed the growth of the wider Fediverse.
  • We knew that we’d have the opportunity to switch servers fairly easily and at any time.

Here’s why we chose Fosstodon.org as our new landing spot:

  • Our OSS roots run deep! We’re eager to contribute to the conversation in a space that’s oriented around open source and its potential.
  • At ~49k active users (at the time of this posting), Fosstodon is a large server, but still much smaller than Mastodon.Social (~213k active users). We’re hopeful that being part of a smaller, more focused community will help us reach our community members more effectively.
  • Fosstodon is primarily an Anglophone server, and our social accounts are run in English.

We’re still cross-posting our Twitter feed to Mastodon using moa.party for now. We recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a simple solution to expand your presence across platforms.

Ok, your turn: how did you decide where to make your home in the Fediverse? Have you considered moving?

Source: https://dev.to/devteam/weve-moved-to-fosstodon-53e1

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