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Coming up with original ideas for your portfolio can be a challenge. Here are some ideas to draw inspiration from!

If you have ever tried to get your feet wet in the world of 3D websites, you must have heard Bruno Simon‘s name. He is the creator of Three.js Journey and boy oh boy, his portfolio reflects quite well why he is the leader in this niche!

His website is a video game, where you take control of a jeep and drive around a 3D world, where you can explore the different sections of his portfolio. The website is an incredible example of how you can make your portfolio stand out!

Another example of a website that stands out! Robby Leonardi‘s portfolio is another interactive resume, where you can scroll down to explore his work and learn more about him!


Another website with a creative & fresh idea, Nitin created his portfolio as a VS Code editor!


This website has a distinct style that deviates from traditional websites, but executes on it with great finesse!


An extremely minimalistic website with a super clean & professional design.


This is a prime example of superb micro-interactions that can drive up retention! Even though ads on the website are extremely annoying, the attention to tiny details is worth checking out!


Of course, I couldn’t leave out a bit of harmless (& shameless) self-promotion. So the last item on the list is my portfolio (even though it’s a tad outdated)! 😜

It’s a basic single-page portfolio with scroll animations!


That’s all folks! 🎉

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