Project Tutorial: How to create a Zoo management web app

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Pkshetlie from Orsan, France is a web developer who loves working on diverse projects. With 92 followers on, he is one of the budding streamers on the platform with an aim to share his knowledge. He is currently working in Id2i as a software developer with specialization on PHP and C#.

The project that he will work on is “How to create a Zoo management web app.” This project is in TEACHING mode. It is a live and real-world project. This means that you can interact with the streamer and communicate with them directly using chat. Got stuck? Just go ahead and ask him questions.

  • Starting Date: Tuesday, March 28, 2017
  • Schedule: Weekly 4:30 PM EST New York time on Tuesday and Thursday

What is the project about?

In this tutorial project, you will be able to build a complete Zoo management web app. The tutorial will cover everything that you will need to know how to build the Zoo management app. Pkshetlie will also ensure that the learners understand the best coding practices using PHP. The project will use the Symphony PHP framework. You will be able to build employee management, planning of feeding, animals inventory management and everything else that is an integral part of the Zoo management app.

For who is the project aimed at?

The project is aimed at learners who are eager to improve or expand their web development skills. To completely enjoy and learn at the same time, the viewer should have a basic understanding of HTML/CSS, database driven websites, PHP POO, SQL, MVC comprehension(for Symfony 3) in general. If you are a complete beginner, the course is not for you. You need to meet the basic requirement before you can start with the tutorial.

The course is also useful for learners who are interested in doing their final projects.

What will you be able to do after you finish the course?

After you finish the tutorial, you will be able to understand how Zoo management app works. You will also be able to use the tricks learned in the course in your future web development. You can also use the learning in other web development projects which use Symfony.

The Curriculum

Session 1 : Setting-up the Project

  • Creation of symfony project (command line)
  • First bundle for theme (build with bootstrap 3) installation
  • Installation of fosUserBundle Part 1

Session 2 : Employees are coming

  • Installation of fosUserBundle Part 1
  • Security configuration
  • CRUD Employees (Bundle Employee)

Session 3 : Animals need to be parked

  • CRUD animal enclosures
  • Questions time – for everything about PHP or SF

Session 4 – 5 : Animals need to exist

  • CRUD Animals Species (lion, leopard, …)
  • CRUD Animals possessed

Session 6 : Did we forget food ?

  • CRUD Food
  • Attach food to animal species

Session 7 : We have to feed animals

  • CRUD who feed who
  • Display Planning

Session 8 – 9 -10 : Brainstorming & freestyle

  • Questions time – for everything about PHP or SF
  • Talking about what else
  • Doing what else

The project can be a great learning experience for those who want to improve your web development. Anyone who is working in the PHP and eager to learn symfony framework, then this course can help you too!

To watch and learn, you need a LiveEdu Pro subscription. With just the subscription, you will not only be able to learn from this tutorial but also get access to other Premium Project Tutorials.


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