What Great Engineers Do At The Beginning of Each Year

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It is common for people to make New Year’s resolutions. A new year brings hope, enthusiasm, and a desire to focus on becoming a better person. Great engineers, on the other hand, ensure that they concentrate more on new things and fill in gaps in their knowledge, rather than achieving a random task.

It’s 2017 now, and we welcome you to the new year. If you are an engineer who is looking for ideas or inspiration on what to do in the new year, you have come to the right place. We will go through some of the cool things that great engineers do to improve themselves. So, why wait? Let’s get started!

Pick up old projects

Do you remember the last project you worked on? Did that make you excited? Even with so much promise and passion, you may have left it for other commitments in your life. A new year is an excellent time to revive projects. Great engineers pick up old, dusty projects and get back work on them.

Great engineers also ensure that their old projects get wider attention. That’s why many use LiveEdu’s streaming platform to gain exposure. Not convinced? Read How sharing your project can help you to get a clear idea.

Work on the website

Great engineers open themselves up to the world. They know that a strong online presence is important for them to succeed and land some amazing projects to work on. That’s why they invest their time in making their website look more professional.

Apart from the cosmetic change, they also update the website with new blog posts and projects they have been working on or plan to work on in the upcoming year.

Learn new technologies

Great engineers know that there is no end to learning, which is why they plan to learn new things pertinent to their field. For example, a computer engineer would focus on learning a new programming language or framework based on his/her requirements, or some other tool or technique that can help in his/her future endeavors.

Check out ImHeyo from France learning PHP.

Contribute to the community

Great engineers always understand the idea of community-driven growth. When each new year starts, they reflect upon their contributions over the past year and plan their new year so they give back to the community. When it comes to contributions, they either create full-fledged courses for beginners or hang out at StackOverflow, LiveEdu, and other big forums to answer queries by others.

Network More

A new year brings new opportunities, but only for those who take advantage of them. Great engineers know they have to do the hard work and network professionally. They don’t rely on their current client base and always seek to expand their network. Attending meetings, conferences, and network groups is just one part. They know how to approach people and create a buzz around their name or the brand for which they are working.


The above list is in no way exhaustive, and many may differ. However, the aim of the article is to list the important things that great engineers can do at the beginning of a new year. A great engineer is always optimistic and sees the new year as a chance to expand and even become better. If you are a beginner reading this, you can pick up on what others do and make yourself more confident, productive, and employable in the field of engineering.

Do you have anything to add to the article? Comment below and let us know.

Source: https://educationecosystem.com/blog/engineer-tips/

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