Why We are Rebranding from Livecoding to LiveEdu

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Over 1,000,000 people have used Livecoding since we launched in 2015. People have been streaming topics besides programming albeit they always wrote us an email and felt they are not welcomed since the name of the site is “Livecoding”, which infers it is only for software development topics. Some people will stream first the backend development for their website and then switch to graphic design and frontend development. Viewers like watching the non-programming content just as they do for programming. Many graphic designers, photographers, and UX guys have been streaming very awesome design work and always ask support if they are allowed to stream here.


The new UX design

But in August 2016 we reached an inflection point where the weekly requests we receive to stream topics other than coding has increased more than 500%. Thus, as previously announced in the weekly newsletter we are going to rebrand from Livecoding to LiveEdu to enable the streaming of non-programming topics like game development, design, hardware, and mathematics. These are all categories people have been streaming on the site the whole time. We are just carving them out to give them their own space. Idea is that there will  be separate dedicated room for each topic. Depending on their interests viewers can choose to enter any room, be it either programming, game development, design, hardware or mathematics. Imagine something like Reddit where you choose to enter a specific sub-channel based on your interest. Since the name “LiveEdu” does not relate directly to one topic it gives the flexibility to expand the number of topics on the site in the future and at the same time does not exclude users who are designers, game developers or hardware lovers.

We could have launched initially in 2015 the product under LiveEdu, but we intentionally started with one category “programming” to test all assumptions, user acquisition, and the product usage patterns. Now we have learned a lot and are going to use the insights to improve the overall product and open up the list of topics with LiveEdu.

Our  logo, colors, and slogan will not change but remain the same. Only the name of the website will change to “LiveEdu” like our actual legal company name. Going forward we will be emphasizing content quality,  education, collaboration, and monetization for content creators. When the switch is done, you can describe LiveEdu as a live education site where you can watch and learn from people working on projects live and collaborate with them. Collaborate, watch and learn from livestream sessions on LiveCoding, LiveGameDev, LiveDesign, LiveHardware and LiveMathematics.

Why We are rebranding from Livecoding to LiveEdu:

1. So we do not get every week request like these:

“Can I stream design work also here or will you block my channel?”

“I am from Texas and doing reverse engineering for one game. Do you allow such content?”

”I saw one guy from Burlingame, California streaming design work on his channel and many people liked it. Can you guys allow other topics than coding? ‘

“I am mad I cannot stream my work here. I am a hardware and systems programmer. Why are categories missing for this”

“I like doing maths. Can I stream algebra here like the other guys do on their channels?”

2. So awesome streamers like mmcfarland , Jddesign,  afterdesign and viewers interested in also frontend development and design also have a space for this:

3. So all the requests on roadmap asking to add more topics besides programming are fulfilled.


Roadmap LiveEdu

4. So designers and photographers like Pepperyandell from Dallas who has more than 40,000 fans on Facebook feel welcomed on the site.



Comment on the new UX and give us your feedback and ideas. Check out the UX drafts on Invision

What do you think of these changes? Which questions do you have?

Source: https://educationecosystem.com/blog/rebranding-livecoding-liveedu/

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