10 Essential Sublime Text Plugins

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Sublime text is one of the most useful text editors available right now. It helps in increasing efficiency with less effort. It can be downloaded and evaluated for free anytime. An essential element is the user interface which is simple and easy to understand.

The features enable programmers to be more productive. Here we will discuss the ten essentials plugins; that simplifies the life of a developer on a daily basis. Let’s talk more on the topic below.

What is the first step you take when you start programming? Well, you hunt for a text editor to begin writing down. Ever imagined why use a text editor for coding? A text editor simplifies coding and enables you to do your job more efficiently. Below we’ll discuss the importance of text editors for developers and then move on to the essential sublime text plugins list.

The importance of a text editor for developers.

  1. Text editors can handle any programming language like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, etc. The text editors can help simplifying programmers workload. It provides simplicity to the coders and reduces unnecessary issues. The text editors also provide various beneficial features and Add-ons.
  1. Text editors have options to refine every error with a single click. Suppose, there is a single error which goes on unnoticed throughout the writing of a program. It only clicks your mind when you compile the class. It would be a massive task to change it in every wrong line. The usage of text editor helps in resolving the error made in every line just in one go. It is a very significant feature of a text editor. It also helps in unwanted syntax errors.
  1. Text appearances can be customized, e.g., Colour, Scheme, etc. The option for customization helps the programmer to differentiate quickly and work seamlessly on a long program. It includes a change in the size, color, appearance, scheme, etc.

Why use Sublime Text editor?

  1. Clear, functional and prompt editor: – The sublime text editor is clear and easy to learn; It provides quick work for a programmer. It also helps in editing efficiently. It offers many other options to ease out the developers and assist them to focus on writing the codes.
  1. Multiple built-in features: – It offers multiple built-in features to help the coders on every level. Features like color options, multi-tasking, change in appearance help the coder to differentiate between his various codes. It also helps, when there is a need for too many codes in a program.
  1. Supports snippets and plugins: – The supportive nature of Sublime Text plugin makes it the best. The Sublime Text also supports various plugins. These snippets and plugins can create a coder friendly environment.
  1. Supports keyboard shortcuts to enhance performance: – Shortcut keys are used to save time. In sublime text shortcut, keys do the same. It saves time allowing the coders to concentrate more on their creativity.
  1. Provides multi-tasking: – Sublime text also provides the option for multi-tasking. Working with various projects at the same time can save time and enhance performance. The multi-tasking also helps the coder in dedicating more time for his coding.

Installing packages.

Let’s look on how to install packages aka plugins to sublime text.

There are two ways to install sublime text package, and they are:

Simple (Using Sublime text console)

1.) Open the website and copy the long command from the site.

2.) Open Sublime Text 2 console by pressing Ctrl+ ’.

3.) Paste the copied command from the site.

4.) Press enter.

5.) After installation, restart Sublime Text.  

Manual (In some scenarios when using proxy server etc.)

1.) Click Preferences > Browse Packages.

2.) Browse to install packages or folder.

3.) Download Package Control.Sublime Package

4.) Copy it to install packages or directory.

5.) Restart Sublime Text.


1.) Press Ctrl+Shift+P (Windows) / Command+Shift+P (Macbook).

2.) Command Palette opens up.

3.) Type package control and use the appropriate commands.

4.) Few commands – Disable Package, Install Package, Enable Package, Upgrade Package, etc.  

10 Essential Sublime Text Plugins

Package control


Package control helps in installing, upgrading, removing and viewing the list of plugins and packages already installed. Package Control helps for the seamless work performance. Download it from here.



Emmet text editor helps in improving the flow of work in HTML and CSS. It helps in improving the speed and eliminates inefficiency. The emmet editor can be downloaded anytime for free, or installed directly from Package Control.

Sublime Linter


The sublime linter plugin helps in resolving the issue of errors throughout the program. They also assist in the removal of bugs from the entire program. If you’re planning to make sure your program is bug /error free, download sublime text as soon as possible else install it using Package Control.



Git plugin helps in improving your workflow. Git plugin enables you to use Git commands directly from the Sublime text editor. To download Git plugin click here. You can also install it directly from  Package Control.

Package Resource Viewer


Package Resource Viewer helps in extraction of a package to edit them safely. It also helps in viewing and editing other packages. You can download it from the website or directly install it using Package Control.

Live Reload


Live Reload eliminates the task of refreshing the web browser every time. Each time the programmer makes changes he needs to update the browser. It can be downloaded from the website or install directly via the Package Control.

CSS Comb


CSS Comb is a style formatting tool used to beautify and provide consistency. CSS Comb is used for an elegant work. CSS Comb can be downloaded from the website or install directly from Package Control.



Alignment helps in aligning of the code helping the programmer to read code easily. The alignment plugin can be either downloaded or install directly from the Package Control.

Advance New File


This plugin is a pace enhancer. It helps in creating files much faster in a project. You can download the plugin from here, or install directly from the Package Control.  



Trimmer helps in eliminating the unwanted spaces and empty lines. The plugin is a useful one because it helps in simplification of the programmer’s work. This plugin can either be downloaded or installed from the Package Control itself.


The sublime text editor is an essential part of the coding world. The plugins create an enhanced environment for the coders. It enables every coder to use their skills to the best and focus only on coding. With the help of sublime plugins, a coder can dedicate himself towards a more qualitative work.

The slick user interface, extraordinary features, and incredible performance makes it the best text editor. It provides a coder-friendly environment to perform task promptly with ease. Other alternatives such as Vim also cover a large market share of text editors. 

What are your views on Sublime Text Editor? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: https://educationecosystem.com/blog/10-essential-sublime-text-plugins/

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