Running 1000 tests in 1s

📖 tl;dr: Most code doesn't require the amount of test isolation contemporary test runners apply by default. If you only opt into the amount of isolations you need, you can…

The 10 best vim color schemes for Python, and how to install

Vim, an open-source editor, comes pre-installed with a few color schemes. If you're tired of the default color scheme or want to try something new or give your code a fresh look and feel, you can download and install a new color scheme. In addition, color schemes are a set of colors that specify how to emphasize source code.

Python Django vs. Flask

Python is a handy tool for web development. In fact, Python is known for its great web development frameworks, Flask and Django, and its ability to adapt fast to technological advancements.

Github Custom: How to create a Github Profile README

Tutorial to create a Github Profile README in 2020 Hi Developers! Today I will talk about the latest & cool feature that GitHub has released in 2020 i.e Github Profile READMEs. Now you can customize your Github Profile by placing your custom fancy text & links above your repository. The feature will not only help [...]

Tutorial to build a Python English Dictionary Software in 2020

How to build a Working Simple Dictionary Software in Python Hi, The Codezine Fellows! Your Dark Soulz is back with another exciting Python #DIY tutorials. Today, I will be talking about “How to build a Simple Dictionary Software in Python“.This piece will be really helpful for, firstly those who are new to python and secondly [...]

Portals considered harmful

📖 tl;dr: Make sure that each Portal and render() root has its own DOM node. Don't mix the two or try to share roots as that's undefined behavior and leads…
How to upload a larger project in github in 5 simple steps!

How to upload a larger project in github in 5 simple steps!

How to upload a larger project in GitHub in 5 simple steps! Github is like a talent showcase place for developers isn’t. And the project which we upload in GitHub helps us during our Jobs Interview as a portfolio. But, sadly few of us know the easy way on how to upload larger projects in [...]

React Native:Tutorial #5 – React Native API Integration

React Native API Integration is one of the easiest way to fetch data from a remote urls. You can user the API integration to use not only GET request but we can also use any other HTTP requests like POST, PUT, DELETE easily on both Android and iOS using a single piece of code. In this tutorial, we […]

React Native:Tutorial #4 – React Native UI Components

In this blog post, we will learn few commonly used React Native UI Components. We can use different types of UI elements in a react-native project. But remember that it may look different in an android and iPhone. We will learn how text inputs, touchables and picker with different examples. If you have not read […]