PHP and Dependency Management: Composer

PHP and Dependency Management: Composer

Composer is a powerful tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare project libraries and manages them on a per-project basis. By creating a `composer.json` file, you can define dependencies and run commands like `composer install` or `composer require` to manage packages efficiently. Composer simplifies PHP project development.

How to access SFTP server in Python

Python and SFTP are two valuable tools when building or maintaining a website. As a web developer, you can utilize SFTP to access your website quickly, transfer files, and even backup your website's data. Python allows you to construct a powerful back-end automated solution for your entire website, not just for downloading or uploading data to your SFTP server.

How to use Faker in Django

Faker is one of the Python libraries that helps you create fake data. This article will utilize Faker in Django to make some early data for our database. We'll start by configuring Faker with Django and then looking at producing data.