Rendering emails with Svelte

We recently rebuilt our whole email stack from scratch to improve the developer experience: we now have an instant feedback loop, leveraging a SvelteKit-powered dev server.

How to work with AJAX Request in Django

AJAX is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. AJAX technologies allow web pages to update asynchronously by exchanging data to and from the webserver. In essence, the web page can be updated without reloading the entire web page. It utilizes XMLHttpRequest objects to transmit and receive data.

10 Tips for Beginners getting started with Django

Django is keen on adhering to the MVC (Model View Controller) convention that many frameworks follow. However, the framework is keen on working with its own control rules. Since the control you need when dealing with your Django apps is not isolated, Django is sometimes called an MVT application with the View component bridging the Model component and Template component of your apps.

“What is HTML” explained with examples

Is Html a programming language? It is easy to get confused thinking of HTML as a programming language, but the fact is HTML is a Hypertext Markup Language. It creates electronic documents (web pages) displayed on the World Wide Web (WWW). For not being a programming language, it does not have the capability to create dynamic functionality. HTML pages can be viewed by anyone connected to the internet.
Easy Way to built Bitcoin Currency Converter by Json Api

Easy Way to built Bitcoin Currency Converter by Json Api

Easy Way to built Bitcoin Currency Converter by Json API Hi,  the Codezine coders! Guys, Today I will show you, how to make simple & free bitcoin currency converter in javascript or you can say cryptocurrency. Fun fact: Do you know that cryptocurrency will grow 2X in the next 5 years.  So, let’s not waste [...]

Portals considered harmful

📖 tl;dr: Make sure that each Portal and render() root has its own DOM node. Don't mix the two or try to share roots as that's undefined behavior and leads…
Create Covid-19 India Real Time Tracker for beginners

Create Covid-19 India Real Time Tracker for beginners

How to build COVID 19 Live Tracker India in 2020 Hi Friends, Do you want to build your own Corona Virus/Covid-19 Real-Time Tracker? Looking for good & free Covid-19 Tracker Codes but still didn’t get it? If so, you have come to the right place as I have open-sourced my corona tracker script which is [...]