Drag and Drop File using Javascript

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Hello everyone, today I’ll show you how to use HTML, TailwindCSS, and Javascript to construct a drag-and-drop file upload. I will highlight the key ideas here, and the code, together with code comments, will be made available at the end of the blog.

Let’s get started…

  • It has 3 validations – File type should be either image or pdf, the File size should be less than 5 MB and It is a must to select at least 1 file.
  • The file selected will show 4 features – File name, Size, Type, and a delete button. To delete the file and select another file.
  • All the functions and methods are separately created for better code structure and readability.
  • Validation of file type/size and adding a file is done inside “drop” event listener.
  • Validation of “No files selected” is done inside the “click” of “Next” button.
  • There is an input button “Select a file” which is used to select the file manually instead of dragging and dropping.
  • The logo of the file changes according to the file type whether it is an image or pdf file.

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