How to access SFTP server in Python

Python and SFTP are two valuable tools when building or maintaining a website. As a web developer, you can utilize SFTP to access your website quickly, transfer files, and even backup your website's data. Python allows you to construct a powerful back-end automated solution for your entire website, not just for downloading or uploading data to your SFTP server.

How to create a server using NodeJS

NodeJs is one of the most popular server-side frameworks for building web applications. This framework is completely based on the javascript language, which makes it popular among developers. Since developers must learn Javascript while working in frontend development. NodeJs makes the developers happy as they do not have to learn any other language for the server-side and can use Javascript as a server-side language. We have a step-by-step guide on getting started with NodeJs you can refer to it to learn the basics of NodeJS and quickly get started using the framework.

Python Django vs. Flask

Python is a handy tool for web development. In fact, Python is known for its great web development frameworks, Flask and Django, and its ability to adapt fast to technological advancements.

“What is HTML” explained with examples

Is Html a programming language? It is easy to get confused thinking of HTML as a programming language, but the fact is HTML is a Hypertext Markup Language. It creates electronic documents (web pages) displayed on the World Wide Web (WWW). For not being a programming language, it does not have the capability to create dynamic functionality. HTML pages can be viewed by anyone connected to the internet.

How to add PHP to a WordPress Page or Post?

WordPress comes with an intuitive visual editor that covers all your basic needs for posting content. No coding is needed. However, when making custom pages or posts, you might need to add your own PHP code. How to add PHP to a WordPress page or post properly? Read on, I’ll present the easiest way to …

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