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API Catalog & API Portal: Everything you need to know

You’ve probably come across terms like API Catalog, API Portal, API Gateway… and found yourself scratching your head, thinking, what kind of tech magic is this? Are you feeling lost amidst these buzzwords that everyone seems to be throwing around? If you want to catch up, grasp these concepts, and determine which solution suits your needs, you’ve landed in the right spot! Note: We will be using the term API Catalog as a generic...
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Unveiling API Catalog for GraphQL

Attack Surface Management Escape launches the first Asset Inventory and Attack Surface Management solution for GraphQL APIs with its new API Catalog feature. API Catalog GraphQL At Escape, we understand that maintaining control and visibility over your company’s exposed services is paramount in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Our focus is to provide robust, intuitive solutions that help you secure your GraphQL APIs more efficiently and effectively. Today, we’re excited...
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