Cloudflare Workers have a new skill: AI inference-as-a-service

Cloudflare is a cloud provider used by almost 20% of all websites. Developers new to Cloudflare can get started here.

Cloudflare recently launched Workers AI, an open, pay-as-you-go AI inference-as-a-service platform that lets developers run machine learning models on the Cloudflare network from their own code. Developers can get started here.

On a related note, read Ryan’s article exploring the infrastructure and code behind edge functions or check out his conversation with Vercel CTO Malte Ubl.

Retrieval augmented generation (RAG) is a strategy that helps address both LLM hallucinations and out-of-date training data.

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Shoutout to Stack Overflow user Bamieh, whose answer to What does the function call app.use(cors()) do? earned them a Lifeboat badge.



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