10+ Best Midjourney Prompts to Unleash Your Inner Artist

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Unleashing your inner artist with Midjourney prompts can be a game-changer for your creative journey.

It’s fascinating how a few simple phrases can trigger a cascade of vibrant, unique images that align perfectly with your imagination.

If you’re looking to take the leap into this exciting new form of expression, you’ve landed at the right spot!

In this article, we’ll guide you through the best prompts to kickstart your Midjourney adventure.

So, are you ready to transform your artistic vision into mesmerizing visuals?

Let’s dive right in!

What is Midjourney?

Dive into the world of AI art, and you’ll inevitably encounter Midjourney. But what is it, and why is it causing such a buzz?

Midjourney isn’t just another fancy term. It’s an avant-garde blend of tech and art, allowing for some of the most creative and dynamic image generations out there. 

So, how does it differ from other AI tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Bing Chat

Midjourney uses unique prompts to generate stunning visuals. It’s a bit like feeding a recipe to a master chef — the prompt is your list of ingredients, and the AI cooks up an artistic masterpiece.

Want an image of a unicorn dancing on a rainbow? Or an image of Donald Trump standing atop a mountain?

That’s where the prompt comes into play. Simply type the command into the AI bot, and it’ll generate your heart’s desire in a matter of seconds.

But how do you access this marvel?

Well, Midjourney uses its own bot within Discord

So, you’ll need a Discord account to tap into its genius. Once you’ve signed up, join the Discord group and navigate to one of the “newbie” rooms seen below…

midjourney discord

From there, you’ll notice a stream of unique prompts and output, with a handy text box at the bottom.

Yet before you begin, there is one last step to conquer… signing up for a paid subscription to bring your inner artist to life.

The Basic Structure of a Midjourney Prompt

Now you’ve signed up and you’re in the Midjourney Discord channel, let’s discuss the key elements that bring your prompts to life…


midjourney prompt input

The “/imagine” command is the ignition to start the engine. It’s the command that kicks things off.

Simply type the command into the text box, and you’ll be presented with the prompt tool.

Image URLs

Next, consider if you want to give Midjourney an extra nudge in a particular direction. If so, paste an image URL into the prompt box to let it take inspiration from.

Perhaps you want to re-imagine an image of yourself? Or do you love a particular landscape, art, or style and want Midjourney to navigate in that direction?

Text Prompt

The fun doesn’t stop there. Regardless of whether you decide to use an image URL or not, the text prompt is where the magic begins.

It’s your playground.

And the main element to consider is style.

Want a pop art-inspired landscape? Leaning toward a minimalistic Scandinavian style? Or perhaps, you want your art to be inspired by a particular artist?

But don’t forget about lighting and resolution…

Why not give your final piece some cinematic lighting? Maybe a crisp 4K or surreal 8K?

Whatever your style is, define it here. 

Simply type it out in a list format, separated by commas. For instance:

Beautiful watercolor painting of famous structures, cities, and buildings, people on the street, 16k, ultra HD

And the result…

midjourney prompt and output of a watercolor painting

Impressive! But what else is there to consider?

Well, you’ve probably noticed the prompt generated 4 different examples…

Image Variations

By default, you’re presented with 4 different image variations — numbered in the above example.

From there, you can regenerate, upscale by clicking “U” then 1, 2, 3, or 4, or seek more variations (“V”) of the image you like. For instance, let’s upscale version 1 from the previous watercolor…

You can then delve deeper by using the commands shown.

Prefer a substantial variation of your selected image? Use “Vary (Strong)”. Maybe you want a wider lens? Choose “Zoom Out.” You can even move the focal point by clicking the arrows.

The variations are endless!

Additional Prompt Parameters

Finally, let’s consider the finer prompt parameters that you may have seen.

Let’s start with “ar” or aspect ratio. Whether you want a landscape (16:9), portrait, square, or anything else in between. Ultimately, it’s your canvas of choice, so use it wisely.

Next up is chaos. Fancy a touch of variation or randomness in your output? Add a pinch or a dollop between 0 and 100.

If you’ve added an image URL, you can also add image weight (between 0.5 and 2) to your prompt. Essentially, how important is your image compared to your text prompt? 0.5 means less so, whereas 2 is more so.

Finally, you can strip some elements out of an image by using “— no [keyword]” in your prompt. For example, if I didn’t want any vehicles in the watercolor scene, then I would simply add “– no vehicle” at the end of the original Midjourney prompt.

Now you have a basic understanding of Midjourney prompts and the output, let’s jump into the main event…

10 Top Midjourney Prompts That’ll Blow Your Mind

Every day, you’ll find Midjourney prompts that are hard to believe were created by a Discord bot.

Yet, here are some of our favorite Midjourney prompts taken that have dazzled users and stretched the boundaries of AI-generated art…

1. Abstract Prints

midjourney prompt and output of an abstract print

Abstract minimalist print of small coastal town, in the style of masculine colors and soft hues, Scandinavian art, boho aesthetic, impasto texture, isolated elements, geometric composition

With strong masculine colors blending seamlessly with gentle hues, this piece evokes the sleek design of Scandinavian art and the carefree spirit of boho aesthetics. 

Can you feel the texture? That’s the impasto effect working its charm, offering depth in simplicity.

2. The Metaverse

midjourney prompt and output of the metaverse

A hyper-realistic scene of e-commerce in the metaverse, where transactions are conducted with cryptocurrencies, hd 8k, sharp focus, ground angle

Step into the future, where digital realms converge with our reality. Imagine browsing through virtual stores, engaging in crypto-transactions amidst the intricate details of an 8k resolution. 

It’s not just any scene; it’s the metaverse captured in its full splendor, drawing us into a world of endless possibilities.

3. Vectors

midjourney prompt and output of a vector miami

South Beach Miami flat design, complex, modern, 4k, epic award winning composition, flat vector art illustration, turquoise green and pink colors, long shot

The vibrancy of Miami in vectors! Drench yourself in the tropical aura of turquoise, green, and pink, reflecting South Beach’s vivacity. 

Modern, sleek, and detailed in 4k — it’s an epic composition that’s as enthralling as a long summer day on the beach.

4. Dot Shaped Art

midjourney prompt and output of a dot shaped landscape

Dot shaped style, sunset, orange sun, clouds, five rotating circles of clouds in a large sky, dot shaped waves, and orange yellow sunset clouds reflected on the waves, one boat is going out to sea, in the style of detailed dreamscapes, light black and orange, painted illustrations, dreamscape portraiture, skillful lighting, precisionist art, whimsical cartoonishness

A dreamscape made of dots… why not? As the sun sets, casting its golden-orange hue over the clouds and waves, you can almost feel the tranquility of the scene. 

The lone boat venturing out adds a sense of adventure, while the dreamy play of light and shadows pulls us into a story told dot by dot.

5. Minimalist

midjourney prompt and output of a minimalist scene

Use only navy and white colors, minimalist style, santorini balustrade dance under the moon light, visually stunning backdrop

Elegance in simplicity is captured in this prompt. The navy and white dance together, capturing Santorini’s essence in a moonlit spectacle. 

It’s the magic of minimalism, where every stroke, every shade exudes a serene beauty, reminiscent of those tranquil nights under the Grecian sky.

6. Steampunk

midjourney prompt and output of a steampunk ship

A flying airship that is propelled by elemental magic, in the style of intricate steampunk, vray, colorful magic light and particles, eye-catching, futuristic victorian, roller wave, vibrant contrasting saturated colors

A visual time machine that takes you to a parallel universe where Victorian elegance meets futuristic innovation. 

The blend of elemental magic and steampunk intricacy makes for an image that’s, quite simply, breathtaking.

7. Cartoon

midjourney prompt and output of a cartoon character

Cartoon character with his puppy french bulldog make him a superhero for boys 3 – 5 wearing a black outfit with a red cape gold boots, brown green eyes, wispy brown hair

The innocence of childhood leaps off the screen with this prompt. Can’t you just see those gleaming eyes filled with adventure? 

It’s a young boy’s dream come to life — superhero capes, faithful canine sidekick, and all.

8. Art Nouveau Portraits

midjourney prompt and output of an art noveau portrait

An elegant beauty wearing a sapphire& bronze with teal accent brocaded fabric evening gown, styled in the inspiration of art nouveau portraits with bold lines, mesmerizing eyes, editorial pose, flowing fabric, risograph printing

The elegance of yesteryears. This prompt paints a picture of an ethereal beauty, draped in rich fabrics, captured with the timeless allure of Art Nouveau. 

It’s more than an image; it’s a moment frozen in time.

9. Pop Art

midjourney prompt and output of a pop art cafe

Retro vintage Graphic minimal style Ikea Scandinavian style Cafe Interior design, Artistic Illustration, Pop Art Minimal Modernism Style, pop art color

Pop culture meets Nordic minimalism. This prompt is a vibrant mashup of bold colors and sleek designs, reminiscent of the posters that might have adorned a trendy San Francisco cafe in the ’70s.

10. Pixel Art

midjourney prompt and output of pixel art ship

Majestic pirate ship soaring on clouds in the distance, detailed pixel art, epic sky, fantasy, magical

Ships are the common theme, yet this prompt creates an enchanting narrative. In a realm where pirate ships sail amidst the clouds, this prompt offers a throwback to classic video game art with a magical twist.

11. Cosmic

midjourney prompt and output of a cosmic scene

Cosmic Marvels: Picture a captivating 4K photo capturing the breathtaking beauty of the universe. Celestial wonders, distant galaxies. Brilliant stars, cosmic expanse. Create an image that celebrates the grandeur and mysteries of the vast universe in stunning detail.

Venture deep into the cosmos with this prompt. From the glittering dance of stars to the swirling hues of distant galaxies, every pixel in this 4K masterpiece celebrates the sheer magnificence of our cosmic home.

Can you hear the silent whispers of the universe? It’s the song of celestial wonders, inviting us to marvel at the mysteries of the vast expanse.

12. Origami

midjourney prompt and output of a origami couple

The childhood sweethearts walked hand in hand on the campus path, smiling brightly, depth of field control method, origami style, 16k, high resolution

Paper folds, and memories unfold. Here, in a breathtaking resolution, we witness a tale as old as time yet fresh as an origami creation.

The intricate folds of origami meet the intricate layers of young love, bringing to life a scene that’s as crisp in emotion as it is in detail via a simple prompt.

Releasing Your Creative Spirit Via Midjourney Prompts

You’ve made it this far, and your creative wheels are probably spinning like crazy. 

It’s exhilarating, isn’t it? 

To imagine something in your mind and then see it visually realized? That’s the magic of Midjourney prompts. 

As you step into this new world, remember each prompt is an opportunity, a blank canvas, a thrilling challenge. 

So, why not dive in, and create something extraordinary? 

Your artistic journey begins today!

Source: https://smartblogger.com/midjourney-prompts/

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