The Overflow #188: Recognition for individual contributors

The Overflow #188: Recognition for individual contributors

Welcome to ISSUE #188 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: real talk on hallucinations, the cultural implications of workplace hugs, and a spotlight on digital privacy.

From the blog

Improving time to first byte: Q&A with Dana Lawson of Netlify
Get faster websites by piggybacking on existing network architecture.

How ICs can get recognition for their work on big projects (Ep. 590)
Dr. Cat Hicks, Director of Pluralsight Flow’s Developer Success Lab, joins Ben and Eira to talk about why ICs deserve recognition for their contributions to big projects (and how they can get it).

How AI can help your business, without the hallucinations
We sit down with Sascha Heyer, Senior ML specialist at DoIT, to learn how organizations can leverage the power of GenAI while avoiding the downsides.

Hedera, the open-source public ledger for everyone promotion
Hedera is the open-source, leaderless, proof-of-stake network powering the next generation of Web3. Get started with Hedera today and begin your journey of building applications and ecosystems for the next generation of the web.

Interesting questions

What language design features made Lisp useful for artificial intelligence research?
Lisp has features that make it useful to <em>failed</em> AI research.

Should developers fix bugs in their own code?
“They make a mistake, they should be punished for it.”

Have you ever seen anyone mention probability density function as a framework for neural network?
The people who write pitch decks statistically aren’t the ones who write neural networks.

Is hugging and handshakes between colleagues in Japan as a form of greeting a faux pas?
Hugs are for friends, and your co-workers aren’t always your friends.

The new @font-face syntax
There’s a new way to use variable and color fonts on the web!

Tech Intersect #166: Tom Kemp on Containing Big Tech and Digital Privacy
Digital privacy has more of a spotlight on it than ever. Learn about what’s new in regulations and what we should push for.

The power of mocking in unit tests
Unless you follow test-driven development, testing can feel like an afterthought—but it doesn’t have to.

A case study on scroll-driven animations performance
Scroll-driven animations are super fun and engaging, and now it’s easier than ever to write them.

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