An Unbiased Quillbot Review for 2023 (& Beyond)

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This unbiased Quillbot review is for you if you need an AI writing tool to scale and improve your content.

When you frequently write, you‘re challenged to create attention-grabbing, engaging, clear and concise, knowledgeable, and informative content.

You should avoid recycling the same content; it’s boring (and copying is dishonest). Right?

But there are many Quillbot alternatives out there at different price points!

So, what’s a writer to do?

This Quillbot review gives you straightforward insights into how the tool’s functions and features can help improve your writing.

(And not break the bank).

Okay, ready?

Here’s the straight skinny!

What is Quillbot & How Will It Work for You

Quillbot is an affordable, cutting-edge AI (artificial intelligence) tool for rewriting and improving sentences, paragraphs, and articles to scale the writing process. 

It has a number of features that work great separately or in combination to help you write better and faster.

Quillbot polishes your writing and highlights needed content edits. It verifies your unique content and condenses complex concepts with the touch of a button. 

And it smoothly gives credit to any references you use in your work.

Quillbot also combines functions on one page for seamless, efficient writing. No need to bounce from window to window to work with your favorite word-processing platforms. Quillbot has plugins for Chrome and Microsoft Word.

Major Functions of Quillbot

polish your content

Quillbot is loaded with unique functions for writers…

ParaPhrase Tool

Quillbot’s paraphrasing tool allows you to up-level your writing skills. You can type directly into the word processor or paste an existing section of text. Using AI, Quillbot article rewriter re-words text without changing the style or meaning.

You decide how much vocabulary you want to change. Quillbot makes it either more simple or more formal. Just move the synonym slider to set your level of formality to create high-quality content.

The paraphrasing spin rewriter tool also has a freeze feature, which prevents changes to your keywords. Type or paste your text into the paraphraser and click the snowflake icon. Put your keyword in the freeze words field, or highlight the text, and click enter.

Built-In Thesaurus

A thesaurus is great when you want to use a different word. But the process is easier with Quillbot’s AI tool. It tells you which synonyms are more popular and helps your content sound less repetitious and more natural.

The built-in thesaurus is a boon to academic paper writers and office workers. It provides numerous informal synonyms and allows you to choose the exact words to get your point across.

Plagiarism Checker

Premium users have access to the Quillbot plagiarism checker, which scans your text to find sections that don’t accurately credit work published in books, research papers, academic papers, or news sources.

The checker also gives you a detailed plagiarism report that makes it easy to find where someone else’s writing has been copied. It helps you quickly recognize which parts of your work need citations or credits.

Quillbot Summarizer

One of the coolest features of Quillbot premium is the summarizer tool that quickly sifts through tons of reading material to identify key findings. The Quillbot AI uses natural language processing (NLP) to identify important information while keeping the original meaning.

The key sentence feature creates a bullet point list of significant sentences, while paragraph mode gives you a unique summary paragraph. You can adjust the summary length slider to change the length of your summary or the number of bullets.

Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker

The grammar checker provides a reliable sentence check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. QuillBot checks sentences from beginning to end. Proof and edit your writing so that your thoughts stand out instead of your mistakes.

Workflow is smooth and simple, seamlessly integrating the AI-based grammar checking with paraphrasing and summarizing tools. The grammar checker doesn’t affect any changes you make using the paraphraser, but it formats your writing with multiple headings and style options.

Co-Writer Tool

The Quillbot co-writer tool is a hardworking package that brings all the Quillbot tools together. This AI writer has a basic word processing window for your article, report, or essay and allows you to use the paraphrasing tool, the summarizer, and the citation tool all in one place.

If you’re new to academic writing, Quillbot’s essay and research paper templates make it quick and simple to create an outline and save your documents to the cloud.

Research Function

Another tasty component of the co-writer is the research function. It gives you a flawless writing and research experience.

Look up topics on the web, and Quillbot summarizes each article.. It’s a great way to get an overview of the subject matter and create an outline for an essay or article.

You can fetch and bookmark, view the entirety, or get the highlights of any web or academic article on your subject. You can even make notes to refer to or add at a later time.

Citation Generator

Quillbot citation generator creates a solid citation for any reference. It provides MLA, APA, and Chicago in-text citations and helps students create original work. It’s helpful if you want to save time on creating a reference list.

The free version requires you to enter the type of reference, the author’s name, the work’s title, and the year. Whether you mention a book or a journal article, the citation generator creates the appropriate bibliography.

Translator Tool

Writing for diverse audiences? The translator tool is the newest instrument in the QuillBot toolbox and translates over 30 languages.

The translator helps you read, write, and understand research articles in different languages.

If you’re a tourist in a foreign country, your Quillbot phone app can double as a translator. Type in anything and get the correct translation instantly.

Customize Paraphrasing with 7 Style Modes

Quillbot style modes

The paraphrasing tool has seven style modes to tailor your writing…

1. Standard Mode

Changes the text but keeps the original meaning.

2. Fluency Mode

Corrects grammar mistakes and makes the text sound real.

3. Formal Mode

Formal Mode changes the text to sound authoritative and is a good choice for academic or business writing.

4. Simple Mode

Makes your text easy to read and understand.

5. Creative Mode

Makes the most drastic changes to the text and may change the meaning.

6. Expand Mode

Makes the text longer by adding more words when you need a higher word count.

7. Shorten Mode

Condenses the text as much as possible while keeping the original meaning.

Quillbot Cost Levels

quillbot review cost

Compared to other AI long-form writing aids on the market, like, or, Quillbot offers an affordable selection of price levels to fit your needs.

The Free Version Gives You:

  • Paraphraser w/two modes,
  • Three synonym options,
  • One freeze word or phrase,
  • 1,200 words in the summarizer,
  • Free grammar tools.

The Premium Version Gives You:

  • Unlimited words in the paraphraser,
  • All seven style modes,
  • Four synonym options,
  • Unlimited freeze words and phrases,
  • Advanced grammar rewrites,
  • Quillbot Plagiarism Checker w/up to 20 pages per month,
  • 6000 words in the summarizer,
  • Faster processing speed,
  • Compare modes (Desktop only),
  • Tone detection,
  • Paraphraser history.

Quillbot Premium Costs:



  • $79.95 (13.33/mo)


  • $99.95 (8.33/mo)

Who is Quillbot For?

Who is quillbot for

Quillbot is a robust writer’s helper designed to improve your writing output at any level. 

No matter what type of writing you do, Quillbot has features that can make you a better writer.

It takes the worry out of your work. 

It makes deadlines more manageable, grammar more correct, outlining more logical, research less exhausting, summarizing less tedious, citations less confounding, and translating a breeze!

And it makes it easier to scale your output and, ultimately, make more money.

So, who will get the most value out of Quillbot? Lots of people!


You get the benefit of finding the precise word for a stand-out phrase. Get those book proposal summaries done quickly. You can scale your freelance business and see more profits.


No more looking for the right words to express your thoughts. No more worry about whether your prose is up to the task. No more poring over tomes of research to make a point.

Content Creators

You can reduce your research time, polish your writing, expand your content repertoire, and increase your value. You can write for almost any audience.

Academics & Students

You’ll also find articles quickly, take notes, or read and cite foreign language research. Create citations, format your papers, and summarize your entire document in moments.

What Does this Honest Quillbot Review Do for You?

What does this quillbot review do for you

We’ve laid it all out.

You’re a busy writer, typing your fingers off trying to keep up with the demand. You’re challenged daily to create the best, most unique copy you can.

Quillbot may be just what you need. 

It has all the basics, such as rephrasing and grammar assistance, easy summarization and citation help, and much more.

Compared to other writing assistants on the market, you can’t beat the price.

So go ahead, take the free trial, and see if Quillbot is right for you.

What have you got to lose?

Happy writing.


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