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Git Rebase and Git Merge are commands generally used to merge two branches. The difference here is the way they do this combination.

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When we typed “git Rebase”, all the changes of the feature branch will be added to the master branch one by one. Here, if we search for a historical history, we will see only one history. Because when we typed “git rebase”, a single history will be created because all branches are collected on a single path.

Advantages of Git Rebase

  • Converts complex history into a single format
  • Simplifies DevOps work by reducing multiple comments to a single comment.

Advantages of Git Merge

  • Simple and clear
  • Preserves the history in chronological order
  • Protects branches

Which Should We Use?

If you are working with a single or small team, it will be more advantageous to use git rebase. But if you’re working with a big team, use git merge.