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Should I be worried about search engine sanctions because of AI-generated content

Despite the fact that Google has officially stated that AI-generated content is against its guidelines, it, like other search engines, will have to live with it. There will be a lot of AI-generated content online, and you have to admit that very often, the quality of that content and the accuracy of the information it contains is far superior to articles written by real people.

In fact, the exclusion of AI-generated content from search results is an infringement of users’ rights on free access to information. So if you need to get an article on a topic of interest, and it doesn’t appear in Google search results just because it was generated by artificial intelligence, then you just stop using this search engine and go to another one. That’s how the supply and demand rule works in our capitalist society.

Google can try to resist inevitability or pretend to resist it, but all these attempts will be counterproductive for Google itself. When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills. Search engines will have no choice but to adapt or die.

Many copywriting agencies are already starting to use ChatGPT for writing articles. Artificial intelligence is being used by programmers, artists, and even doctors. For example, BuzzFeed replaces 180 fired journalists with ChatGPT neural network. If even BuzzFeed trusts OpenAI’s artificial intelligence to write articles, why should regular bloggers or webmasters that sell products on their websites be afraid of penalty from Google?

Do you still have doubts regarding the indexing of AI content by Google? Here is a screenshot of search results for a “” query:

Google query for

As you can see, right above the link to the CyberSEO account, there is a link to a horror story that kids tell at night holding a flashlight near their face, about the “mysterious” site 😉 The tale was completely generated by OpenAI GPT-3 for the Tales from Robots mock site, which was created a little over two weeks ago. I guess that’s where the Google traffic is coming from, since there are no other keywords in those tales… The truth is that the site is indexed and it’s shown in Google search results.