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Hey all, long time no see!

Just a random fun post for you today, am I back, am I not? Who knows, but I just wanted to share this!

Oh and if you are wondering who the hell I am and why you are getting notifications for my stuff…I was known as InHuOfficial…hope that helps! 🤣💗

AI and programming languages

So I have been playing with AI art generation lately, mainly through MidJourney AI.

One thing that is always interesting is when you try and generate an image on a specific thing and it is very evident the AI has no idea what that thing is.

So I wondered, does AI have any awareness of programming languages? Even more interestingly, when it doesn’t have any knowledge of something, what does it generate instead?

So that is the idea, I generated images for 17 different programming related languages and now it is up to you to try and guess which image is what language!

Have fun!

The languages

I generated images for 17 different languages related to programming (notice how I nicely side-stepped calling HTML and CSS programming languages to avoid that debate 🤣).

These are:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Python
  • Rust
  • Dart
  • Go
  • Swift
  • C#
  • C++
  • Kotlin
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PHP
  • COBOL (haha)
  • Java

Now that you have that list, see how many of the following you can get, I have given each one a rating on MY perceived difficulty to get them.

The images

Let’s start you off with an easy one!


Difficulty: Easy
Several image generations that look like snakes.


Difficulty: Easy
4 image generation, first image is a woman wearing a head scarf holding a cup with steam coming out, second is an ornate teacup, the third is a coffee mug with the side missing revealing huge splashes and waves of colour, the fourth is a young girls face with a gigantic tangle of cogs, gears and industrial items coming out of the back of her head looking like a headress.


Difficulty: Easy
Several image generations, three of red trains and one of a golden crest with a red gem in the middle.


Difficulty: Easy – Medium
4 image generations, the first is a strange elephant head attached to a strange tree like structure, the second is a colourful splash, the third is a skull combined with some 3d geometric shapes, the fourth is a sea creature that looks like a cross between a whale and a manatee.


Difficulty: Medium
4 image generations, all are people with strange geometric shapes overlayed on them and digital artefacts. Strong orange and dark grey colouring in 2 images.


Difficulty: Hard
4 image generations, first is an old computer that is very dirty and dingey, second is a person on a computer with messy hair, third is a person staring at a strange malformed computer with wires attached to their head, fourth is a strange caricature style drawing of a computer an a tiny person.


Difficulty: Very Easy
4 image generations, 2 of dart boards and 2 of people with geometric shapes on them. The first image says "DARTT"


Difficulty: Easy
4 image generations, 2 rusty trucks, 1 rusty car and 1 rusty piece of machinery, all in a desert setting. One image has the letters "Riustse" on it.


Difficulty: Easy – Medium
4 image generations, 2 of which are strange metalic shapes with random letters on, containing mainly "S", "T" and "R" characters. The final image is a vintage / steampunk typewriter.


Difficulty: Hard
4 image generation, first image is a colourful person in armour with some writing "Sussesr", second is some geometric shapes, vageuly resembling a floral pattern and gears combined, the third is an Apple Mac PC with an image of a tree in a bubble on it and the fourth is a ship on a very still lake with a person looking at it.


Difficulty: Medium – hard
4 image generation, 2 images are dirty machines that look like old / steampunk computers, one has arms and an image on the screen that looks like "Groot" from Guardians of the Galaxy. The third image is a dirty machine that looks like an old coffee maker, there is the text "COOLL" on the machine, the 4th is a picture of a young girl and an alien with a huge head looking at a computer screen.


Difficulty: Medium – hard
4 image generation, 3 images are of a bird with short wings, a mid length beak and some strong orange / red colouring around the face. The fourth is of a young woman with blonde hair, in the background is a bright orange pattern that resembles large leaves or large petals.


Difficulty: Easy
4 image generation. first image is a low-poly render of a mountain range with the text "KIKIIL", the second looks like a low poly garbage pile with the text "KOTNIK", the third is a person with colourful shapes surrounding them with the text "KOITTIIN" and the fourth is a colourful bird, low poly leaves, with the text "KOTITIIN"


Difficulty: Medium
4 image generation, first image is an old computer, almost steampunk styled, second is some strange shapes that look like the letters "C + C", the third is an old computer with a lamp next to it, the fourth is a strange dark pattern with swirls and leaves, in the cetner there is the text "CSAUET"


Difficulty: Easy
4 image generation, 3 of the images are 3D renders of strange looking furry creatures, wearing glasses or eye wear. They have strong skin / tan colour combined with a strong turquoise colour. The fourth looks like an alien delivery robot on wheels with strong cream and turquise colouring.


Difficulty: Easy – Medium
4 image generation, all of a young female with striking features. There are strong splashes or red over each image.


Difficulty: Hard
4 image generation, first is an old computer with wires hanging our everywhere, small screen with letters "AOSSTIL", second is a box with fire or magma pouring out of it that is on fire, text "INASSALB", third is an old man in glasses with a lot of digital glitches all over, the fourth is a young woman with code and strange shaped protruding from her face and the letters "RITSUSY"

The answers (spoilers…duh!)

Check how many you got right!
  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. Ruby on Rails
  4. PHP
  5. C#
  6. HTML
  7. Dart
  8. Rust
  9. TypeScript
  10. CSS
  11. COBOL
  12. Swift
  13. Kotlin
  14. C++
  15. Go
  16. Ruby
  17. JavaScript

How did you do?

I hope you enjoyed this silly post, let me know how many you got right in the comments below!

Have a great week everyone, see you soon (maybe? 🤫) 💗