Resume Writing Secrets: 25 Tips to Get You Hired

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Resume Writing Secrets: 25 Tips to Get You Hired

In the last 5 years I received interview calls from 200+ tech companies.

Over this period I perfected my resume one tiny improvement at a time.

I have documented my learnings in 25 tips that I learnt too late. πŸ₯²

These will help you in leveling up your resume and help past mandatory screening test from recruiters.

Let’s dive in πŸš€

  1. Projects + Results > Any college degree.

  2. Prove with your resume that you read the job description.

  3. Best resumes are highly scannable.

  4. Your resume should be visually appealing.

  5. Just mention things that are required for the job role.

  6. Add project links in your resume for employers to know more.

  7. Technical skills is the most important section. Put it first.

  8. Use numbers to quantify your experience but avoid percentages.

  9. Avoid use of pronouns, long paragraphs, change of tenses.

  10. Aim to make your resume 1 page long. Max 2.

  11. Spelling mistakes can cost you an interview. Use spell checker.

  12. Gather feedback on your resume from peers.

  13. Keep information in reverse chronological order. I.e most recent detail first.

  14. Don’t try to mislead with your resume. It will hurt in the long term.

  15. Less general claims. More specific outcomes.

  16. Always test all the mentioned links before sharing your resume.

  17. You look more qualified by being concise.

  18. Use consistent layout and typography.

  19. Outdated resume = Missed opportunity.

  20. More than work, highlight what measurable impact it created.

  21. Mention explicitly if you are proficient or just familiar with the technology.

  22. Make sure stuff in your resume matches with your LinkedIn.

  23. Any open source or community contribution is a BIG plus.

  24. Cut the fluff. Aim for simple and to the point details.

  25. And most importantly β€” Be yourself.

That’s it!

Hope you found these tips helpful.

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Also, would love to hear your best resume tip in comments πŸ‘‡


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