Ultimate ChatGPT Resource Guide - ChatGPT Tutorial

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ChatGPT is the latest from OpenAI in terms of what Artificial Intelligence brings to the table to change the future.

I’ve put together several videos to cover the subject in great detail. I’ve also created a number of resources so you can immediately start using ChatGPT to build your own products!

  • What is ChatGPT
  • How to use ChatGPT
  • Advanced ChatGPT guide
  • ChatGPT and OpenAI for Business
  • Building ChatGPT from scratch
  • Building Discord ChatGPT bot
  • OpenAI Starter Template for building SaaS
  • Other features

1. What is ChatGPT

The first video is the basics of what ChatGPT is. Which is a large language model build using OpenAI GPT3 as a chatbot.

2. How to use ChatGPT – Crash Course

The second video covers the introductions of how to use ChatGPT and it’s features. This includes how to interact with it for basic prompts, etc.

  • How to use Prompts
  • Shopping List
  • JavaScript
  • Errors with ChatGPT
  • Short Story
  • Text Video Game
  • Legal and Copyright Templates
  • Jokes and Humour
  • Cover Letters and Resumes
  • Summarization and Keyword Extraction
  • Blogging Articles and Editing

3. Advanced ChatGPT Guide

An indepth look at not just ChatGPT, but OpenAI and it’s GPT models including ada, babbage, curie and davinci. How to do prompt engineering and work inside OpenAI Playground.

Part 1. Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT & AI
Part 1. Examples of Chat GPT Prompts
Part 1. OpenAI Playground and Promps
Part 1. Example 1 AI Q&A Prompt
Part 1. Example 2 AI Airport Prompt
Part 1. Example 3 AI Code Prompt
Part 2. OpenAI Models and Uses
Part 2. GPT3 Models Davinci Curie etc
Part 2. Coding Models Codex, Crushman
Part 2. OpenAI API Pricing and Tokens
Part 2. Comparing AI Model and Outputs
Part 2. Prompt variables for Temp, Length etc
Part 2. OpenAI Fine-tuned models
Part 2. Summary and Recap
Part 3. Technical Chat GPT Introduction
Part 3. Dependencies (NodeJS, CRA, API Keys, etc)
Part 3. Create React Application
Part 3. Express Web API
Part 3. Frontend React JS Component setup
Part 3. Backend Express OpenAI API setup
Part 3. Fetch data from Client to Server to API (OpenAI)
Part 3. Intro to Advanced Uses API
Part 3. Example 1: Advanced API ChatGPT like Chatbot
Part 3. Example 2: Advanced Terminal Chat GPT bot

4. How to use ChatGPT to build Business Ideas

Taking it one step further, ways that ChatGPT can be used for generating SaaS using AI models that are customised to produce outputs based on set requirements and training!

5. Create ChatGPT from Scratch

How to create your own ChatGPT interface, including things like message history and prompts to engineer the chatbot to work any way you wish

  • Coding ChatGPT preview
  • OpenAI Template Starter Kit
  • ChatGPT Starter Kit
  • Initialising Project
  • Starting Frontend with Create React App
  • Designing ChatGPT Side menu
  • Styling ChatGPT Side menu
  • Designing Prompt Input
  • Styling Chat GPT Input
  • Coding Chatbot Interface
  • Styling the Chat message interface
  • Adding OpenAI SVG Logo
  • Starting Backend with Express
  • Preparing OpenAI Configuration and API Key
  • Creating Express API Routes
  • React Frontend handle Submit function
  • Cleaning up the React Components
  • Creating Frontend API Request using Fetch
  • Frontend Backend integration
  • Adding Features to Select OpenAI Models

6. Adding ChatGPT to Discord

Integrate OpenAI models into discord by interfacing with the Discord API and creating a bot that access the AI API to allow users to directly chat through discord with it!

  • ChatGPT Discord Starter Kit
  • Node JS Setup
  • Discord Setup
  • Create Discord Bot
  • Discord Token Configuration
  • Discord Authorization
  • JavaScript Initialization of Discord and OpenAI
  • Discord Bot Message Reply
  • Testing Discord Chatbot
  • Configuring Chatbot
  • OpenAI API Key
  • Adding OpenAI to Discord Message Replies
  • Prompt Engineering ChatGPT Message for Discord
  • Message Reply to users with ChatGPT
  • Testing Discord ChatGPT Chatbot

7. OpenAI Template – Starter Kit

This is new and ready for those looking to kickstart their own app or website using the OpenAI GPT models. I’ve built it on MERN it should save you over 100 hours if you want to build or test your own ideas! This also supports the channel if you have found these videos of benefit!

Starter Kit for using OpenAI with GPT3 and all its models similar to ChatGPT.SALE 80% OFF (NEXT FEW OF DAYS ONLY $99) Then back to $500Learn More: https://youtu.be/bB7xkRsEq-g?t=55sThe project comes with a Frontend web interface and backend with a database ready to go with all the requirements you would need to create your own project.Login / SignupAuthenticationPrompts and ToolsBackend DatabaseFrontend ReactJSNodeJS project under Express using API’sThis starter kit is made for demo and use purposes as a way to kickstart your own project. No responsibility is made for debugging, bugs, security or issues which will need to be applied at your applied as your responsibility. See below for examples, other features include:Styling uses TailwindcssAPI uses Express with JWTStripe is pre-configured (but disabled) if you want to include billingCredit calculator implemented on token usageThis starter template is over 100 hours of work over several weeks, and should save you lots of time if you’re planning to build or try to test your own projects! *I wrote this project over a 6 month period with tens of thousands of lines of code, be aware some of the dependencies are using older versions (eg react router dom with Switches!)

favicon enhanceui.gumroad.com

8. ChatGPT Starter Kit Template

Create a clone of ChatGPT to be run up on your own local development environment. This allows you to build and customize ChatGPT to your own purposes as a new and updated model based on those you define in OpenAI via training or fine tuning!

This Starter Kit for ChatGPT allows you to have a personalised version of Chat GPT running on your localhost! SALE 50% OFF (NEXT FEW OF DAYS ONLY $50)Then back to $100If you’ve been looking to run Chat GPT with your own settings and configuration, or prepare and build a business around the chatbot, this comes with the basics to help you do that. Includes:Backend: Express Web Server, OpenAI APIFrontend: React JsThis is a grass roots template made to be simple and clean to get you started. No responsibility is made for debugging, bugs, security or issues which will need to be applied at your applied as your responsibility. Some additional to what it currently also includes is:Basic HTML forms for performing chatsCSS styling for the designJavaScript method calls to the backendI wrote this to let people get started with their own projects for simple testing and use of Chat GPT in a controlled environment. If this is of benefit to you, I hope you enjoy this project and use it well! Below are some screenshots of the front-end, back-end and general use!

favicon enhanceui.gumroad.com

9. ChatGPT Discord Chat Bot

Start interfacing directly with OpenAI models on your own discord server including the following, Chat Historym ChatGPT is typing notification, Better prompt engineering, Tagging and custom text triggers, etc.

This ChatGPT Discord Bot Starter Kit allow you to host a version of OpenAI chatbot on your own discord server!SALE 50% OFF (NEXT FEW OF DAYS ONLY $49)Then back to $100If you’ve been looking to run Chat GPT locally on your own forum or server, this is one useful way to do it! Adding it to discord allows you to make custom commands, interact, and much moreBackend: NodeJS, Discord API, OpenAI APIFrontend: DiscordThis template is a simple starter kit made ready for you to immediately start using the chatbot on your sever. It includes:Instant ChatGPT interaction with any OpenAI modelsHistory Tracking and responding (set your own parameters)Keyword and tagging options to request ChatGPT whenever neededInstant notification when ChatGPT is preparing responses, and responding.Premade prompt engineer example for useI wrote this to let people get started with their own projects for simple testing and use of Chat GPT chatbot functionality. If this benefits you, I hope you enjoy this project and use it well! Below are some screenshots:

favicon enhanceui.gumroad.com

Source: https://dev.to/adriantwarog/ultimate-chatgpt-resource-guide-chatgpt-tutorial-dfe

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