I'm on the Honours List! 🎉

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Last year was certainly a rollercoaster for me – I got a lot of good things done, started a bunch of new projects, and made new connections… but then, I got laid off amid the turbulence that came with the new ownership of the company I was working at… so, it definitely had both ups and downs, highs and lows.

I’m excited to have been named in the OpenUK New Years Honours List for 2023, alongside some incredible folks from across the industry in the UK, as a top influencer in Open Technology. They even sent us each a nice medal to mark our recognition 🏅

I’m surprised to receive the award, humbled to look at the other folks on the list that I’m in, and also, really inspired to contribute more in the coming year.

Happy 2023, friends! I wish you a productive and enjoyable year ahead.

Source: https://dev.to/andypiper/im-on-the-honours-list-3icc

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