9 Best Developer Communities On Discord

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Benefits of being part of a developer community are a lot, you get to,

  • interact with likeminded people
  • know about recent technologies & tools
  • showcase your work
  • ask your doubts

1️⃣ ZeroToMastery

👑 Admin: Andrei Neagoie
🏢 Members: 259,859+
🔗 Link: zerotomastery
📝 This was the first dev discord community that I joined. They even have there own online courses about most of the technologies.

2️⃣ The Programmer’s Hangout

👑 Admin: @itsHobbes
🏢 Members: 108,263+
🔗 Link: programmers-hangout
📝 This server is about everything related to coding, and is a good place to interact with other developers.

3️⃣ Reactiflux

👑 Admin: @reactiflux
🏢 Members: 172,474+
🔗 Link: reactiflux
📝 This server is specifically for React and technologies related to it like TypeScript, Gatsby, nextjs, etc.

4️⃣ EddieHub

👑 Admin: Eddie Jaoude
🏢 Members: 4,975+
🔗 Link: EddieHub
📝 I joined this server to get into the Open Source Community and learn everything related to it

5️⃣ Community Classroom

👑 Admin: @kunalk
🏢 Members: 34,131+
🔗 Link: commclassroom
📝 I joined this server as the admin of this server teaches everything related to programming for free.

6️⃣ TeamTanay Community

👑 Admin: Tanay Pratap
🏢 Members: 19,948+
🔗 Link: teamtanay
📝 This server is not just about programming, the admin of this talks about business, Metaverse and NFTs too.

7️⃣ The Coding Den

👑 Admin: greenbigfrog
🏢 Members: 93,632+
🔗 Link: coding-den
📝 This server is about JavaScript, Python, Machine Learning, UI/UX, etc.

8️⃣ DevCord

👑 Admin: lost.design
🏢 Members: 33,432+
🔗 Link: devcord
📝 This server is mostly about JavaScript and Python. This one is also pretty useful if you are looking for collaborators.

9️⃣ Coding & Programming Community

👑 Admin: Matthew Upham
🏢 Members: 32,512+
🔗 Link: matt-upham
📝 This server literally covers everything related to programming, like Web, Games, App, Cybersecurity, ML, etc.

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