Why your GitHub profile should stand out?

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Last week I hosted a Twitter Space 🎙️ where I got to interact with amazing speakers on GitHub profile. Here’s what they said:

Git is a version control system which is distributed for free. It’s an open source, fast, and efficient.
GitHub is the web platform for hosting our code using Git’s system.

Why GitHub Profile ??😇

Any person around the world can consult your code and see how you work without having to carry a laptop, a hard drive, or any other device. It is the best way to showcase your projects in a fast and professional way.

Contributing to modern & relevant big known projects where the bar is high shows you are working alongside very talented individuals. May not be same degree of code. But it shows savviness.

Recruiters check, not only the content, but also the activity of your GitHub account. An account which is constantly active shows persistence and commitment.

Write clean, commented, and well-organized code

The code must not contain duplicate and/or copied lines, therefore create functions that make your code more structured. When leaving comments on the code, the rule is if a person who is external to the project looks at it, they must be able to understand it.

Recruiters value quality work regardless of the goal of the project itself.

Contributing to modern & relevant big known projects where the bar is high shows you are working alongside very talented individuals. May not be same degree of code. But it shows savviness.

If you contribute to several large projects with recognizable names & contributors it shows credibility. Proves your ability to collaborate in team environment. Communicating & organizing your thoughts. Managing GitHub issues, conversations & feedbacks.

On the significance of Open source contributions,
is ability to look into applicants contributions & dig into their codes allow recruiters get a better idea about your thought process & skill. This enables them to skip over some interview questions.

It is better to make small changes and keep posting them on a frequent basis, than waiting until the end of the day and registering your version. Think about it; in a collaborative project, the code may change an infinite number of times.

If we can save versions quite frequently, it will be easier to find possible errors in some of those versions, rather than having to look among hundreds of code lines.

Significance of green square streaks,
If your doing it just for the squares than it’s the wrong approach. Those squares must be earned via honest tangible projects/contributions.

Squares are good indicators of consistency.

It is the perfect tool for developers to showcase their work and attract more clients. GitHub is the most reliable tool in this sense because it gives developers the chance to showcase their work and involve recruiters or clients from all over the world.

  • Add profile readme
  • Add badges
  • Pin top contributions
  • Add status cards
  • Add contact information
  • Attach your blogs/articles

For more onto the above checkout thread by @codewithvoid

  • Resources: Check out this repository for inspiration, examples and tools you can use to make your GitHub repository stand out.
  • Author’s Github Profile.

At the end of the day SKILL & EXPERIENCE takes priority over all. Open source, personal projects & competitive programming are just some of the few approaches to get there.

Shoutout to amazing speakers for adding value points in the space:
Void, Trash Dev, emy, Nate, krish, Yaku, Zubair

Finally, be careful of overdoing it. Display the right amount of information (it is not a contest of how many cool icons you can find).

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