Education Ecosystem at the Blockchain Expo Global 2022

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Education Ecosystem makes its final appearance of the year at the 2022 Blockchain Expo, hosted at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in London, England.

In its sixth edition, scheduled to hold between 1-2 December 2022, the global event is poised to bring together key innovators from across the globe for two days of top-level content and discussion across AI & Big Data, Cyber Security & Cloud, and Edge Computing.

The event will feature interactive panel discussions and solution-based case studies. In detail, it will explore key industries set to integrate blockchain, including; legal sectors, retail, financial services, healthcare, insurance, energy, music, government, real estate and more.

6,000 attendees are expected to converge for the event including CTOs, Developers, and Directors from companies like Mercedes, Deep Coin, Coin Web and your very own, Education Ecosystem. Interested persons can join the event physically or virtually. Come interact with your favorite projects and learn more! For more information visit Blockchain Expo Global.


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