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The so-called duplicate image issue often happens to inexperienced CyberSEO users when the same image is being displayed in a post twice. Why it happens? Is it a bug in the CyberSEO plugin and how to fix it?

First of all let me make it clear: this is not a bug but a documented feature. The duplicate image issue accrues when your WordPress theme displays a post, which has a featured image created by CyberSEO from a post picture. It can be a first, a last or a random one, depends on the Post thumbnails option settings.

When CyberSEO syndicates a new post, it generates a featured image for its own contents. Thus the main thing you should keep in mind is that the featured image doesn’t come out of the blue. If the featured image was generated, it was exists somewhere in the post’s HTML body, or it’s attached to the post as an RSS enclosure, which can also be inserted into the post. So the original image will be visible as a part of the post.

The CyberSEO plugin just generates a post and adds it into the WordPress database, but it doesn’t display it in the browser. Your WordPress theme is fully responsible for that. Thus is it’s designed to show a featured image above the post contents, it shows you the same image twice – once as a post thumbnail and yet another time as a part of the original post.

Many popular WordPress themes have some special switches to enable or disable featured image visibility in a single post. For example, this is how this option looks like in the Themify Pinboard theme:


When the “Hide Featured Image” option is enabled, all single posts will be displayed with their own intext images but w/o their featured images at the top. On the other hand, these post thumbnails still be shown on the main index page of your website.

Now you should ask: “ok, that was easy but what will I do if there is no special option to hide featured images in my theme?” In this case you have 3 solutions:

  • Make a child theme for your WordPress theme and manually edit it (usually it’s a the_post_thumbnail or get_the_post_thumbnail function call in the “single.php” file).
  • Use a special post images option which allows you to hide the first post image or its thumbnail. For example, you may want to hide a first image but keep a featured image in all post excerpts shown at the index page.
  • Use a 3rd-party plugin like FIFU. There is a “Hide Featured Media” option on the “Featured image” tab. Set it to hide post thumbnails in all your single posts and pages, but keep them visible on home.

As you can see, there are at least 3 ways to fix the duplicate image issue. Just choose the one which fits your needs best.