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Weekly web development resources #124

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Weekly web development resources #124
The friendliest online community of bootstrapped startup founders. Get 1-1 introductions every week to other founders with similar interests and revenue.

An open-source notification service to send push notifications to your phone or desktop via PUT/POST.

A next-generation crawling and spidering framework.

TanStack Router
A typesafe router with search-param APIs and built-in caching, built for JS/TS, React, Preact, Solid, Vue and Svelte.

Online Image Compressor
A browser-based image compressor, that makes it super easy to compress your JPG or PNG images at a fast speed.

A SaaS to create a simple personal website including an email newsletter.

A Crystal Web framework that enables pragmatic development and rapid prototyping.

Starter Tab
A customizable website to replace your ‘New Tab’ homepage.

 Tailwind Sites
A website with free Tailwind CSS site templates for your next project.

JSON Crack
A website to seamlessly visualize your JSON data instantly into graphs.

Edit Video
A great tool for free online video editing in your browser.

To see all the weeklies check: wweb.dev/weekly

Source: https://dev.to/vincenius/weekly-web-development-resources-124-3a9c

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