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Every Tuesday we round up the previous week’s top posts based on traffic, engagement, and a hint of editorial curation. The typical week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday, but don’t worry, we take into account posts that are published later in the week.

10 Things to Know Before Coding

Do you remember when you first decided to learn to code? The excitement, the wonder… the feeling of utter cluelessness? @marisabrantley explains her experience learning to code and how to pick through all the advice!

Render Lists in React like a Pro

We often get asked to render a list in a React interview. In this article, @andyrewlee looks at a basic implementation and comes up with four ways we can improve it to stand out from the rest.

Building Documentation using Docz

@surajondev uses a tool’s documentation to know whether or not to add it to a project. If the documentation isn’t good enough, it’s going to be hard to learn how to use it. Here’s how to prep documentation for your next project using Docz!

Daily Use Programming Tools

@yuridevat gets asked a lot about what kind of tools she uses on a daily basis and why. So, she created a list of all her favorite tools which can help make you more productive and help you reach the goals you want to achieve.

How to Cope with Losing your Job

On June 30, @supeergabs_ lost her job. You might have felt a similar kind of disappointment if you’ve gone through the same thing. Read her story and see what the next steps might look like after something this big.

Refactoring a Junior’s Code

As an (aspiring) Junior React developer it’s hard to understand if your code is any good. Sharing your code takes guts and the reviews you get in online communities are often shallow. @jkettmann shares his experience reviewing the code of a junior developer.

1200+ Stars on my GitHub repo!

@fredy wants to share some tips & strategies that helped his repo make it to 1200+ stars! Following these four basic steps can do a lot to improve the visibility of your GH repo.

That’s it for our weekly Top 7 for this Tuesday! Keep an eye on this week for daily content and discussions…and be sure to keep an eye on this series in the future. You might just be in it!