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We are maintaining an open-source React framework for building CRUD apps easily.

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You can take a look:

We’ve reached 5.4K stars on GitHub, but more work still needs to be done! I’ll write a detailed article about how we did it in the next months. However, this short post will cover only quick tips.

I’ll dive deep into the sections below in the next articles

1. Post updates regularly – Twitter and Linkedin

2. Engage with your community – We offered 7/24 support on Discord

3. Offer valuable content- Published Content on Devto and Hashnode and refine Blog

4. Be active on other platforms like Reddit and Hackernews

5. Prepare yourself very well for the Product Hunt Launch

6. Keep your project updated

7. Have a clear Roadmap for your project

8. Make it easy to contribute – Encourage contributions from others

9. Be responsive to issues and pull requests

10. Prepare good README and Documentation.

If you have any other tips, feel free to share them in the comments!