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You asked, we listened! 🦣

You can now share DEV articles to Mastodon in addition to other social networks directly from the article page.

A DEV post with a red arrow pointing to the ellipsis icon on the left sidebar. The dialog is open, and the option "Share to Mastodon" is circled in red with another red arrow pointing to it.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the article you’d like to share to social.
  2. Navigate to the ellipsis icon on the left sidebar (aka the three dot menu, aka the meatball menu) and select it.
  3. Select “Share to Mastodon”
  4. This will open the app, which will populate your DEV post link and ask you to input the instance to which you’d like to share.

The app interface, showing Post text reading "This is where your text goes. Toot!" above a link to the DEV post. In the next box, labeled "Choose your Mastodon Instance," has been selected.

Select TOOT! and you’re good to go! 🎉

PS — if there are Mastodon-related features you’d like to see implemented, we welcome you to open a discussion in our public repo. Yay Open Source!

Big thanks to @jaw6 for building this feature and to @ridhwana & @fdocr for reviewing! Thanks as well to Nikita Karamov for creating the cross-instance share page we’ve utilized here.

A gif of the cast of Saved By The Bell, putting their hands together and then lifting them and shouting "Teamwork!"