How To Learn Java in 2022: Ultimate Java Tutorial For Beginners

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How To Learn Java in 2022: Ultimate Java Tutorial For Beginners


Java is one of the top programming languages of 2022. It is a robust, statically typed, safe, class-based programming language that has been ruling the web. Java is used to develop applications in almost all domains, such as retail, finance, healthcare, logistics, etc. It is compatible, versatile, and used for mobile, desktop, and web applications, games, web servers, application servers, database connections, client-side validations, etc. That said, you may be wondering which is the ultimate Java tutorial for beginners? In this article, you will learn what you need to do to learn the Java programming language in 2022. 

Prerequisites to learning Java

To learn Java, you need to have a little idea about programming concepts. Java may be your first programming language to learn, but you should first be familiar with object-oriented concepts as well as data structures and algorithms.

Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

Since Java is an Object-Oriented Programming language, you need to know about polymorphism, inheritance, abstraction, encapsulation, and other OOP concepts. Learn more about OOP concepts.

Data Structures and Algorithms

A data structure is a particular format of organizing data so that it can be used effectively. Data structures also define relationships between data values so that the values can be easily manipulated. The Java language uses a lot of collection objects to organize and store data in different ways.

For instance, a simple list can store some integers, names of students, or a set of information that defines a person using objects looks as follows;

List<String> myList = new ArrayList<String>();






How to Set up the Java environment

An IDE is an integrated platform that combines common developer tools into a single GUI. For easy development, build, and testing purposes, it is best to use an IDE to concentrate on the coding aspect more. It helps you follow best practices in the code, prompts for compilation and runtime errors, gives suggestions, and generates standard code. It makes it easier to import and include libraries in your workspace when using IDE. Some popular Java IDEs are:

  • Eclipse
  • NetBeans
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • BlueJ
  • Xcode

Online Java compiler

If you wish not to install an IDE on your system, you can also use an online compiler. Online compilers are usually simple to set up and use. You just need a web browser and an active internet connection. Then compile, save, and access your code from anywhere without the overhead of management or resource constraints. These web-based apps can be accessed from anywhere using any network connection or device. 

Java projects that you can practice with

Check out these top Java projects to start your Java programming journey and boost your career with these java projects;

How to build a Keylogger using Java for Ethical Hacking

This project covers all the necessary details (resources, tools, languages, etc.) to build a complete and operational Key Logger. You will be guided through the steps and concepts, starting from the basic ones like setting up the right tools and frameworks, to more advanced topics relating to the development. And ultimately, you will be able to create your key logger without any difficulty.

How to create an online voting web app java

This project covers all the details for building a voting Spring boot web app. You will be guided through all the steps since configuring the programming environment, learning the Spring Boot basics, and finally, start coding the product iteratively. You are expected to be comfortable with this framework, and you can use your imagination to build whatever you want.


Wrapping Up

To learn Java as a beginner, you must be familiar with a few programming concepts, like data structures like an array, LinkedList, etc., and basic algorithms like binary search, linear search, etc.

Further, you should understand the foundational OOP concepts like polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance, and abstraction, which form the basis of Java.

In this article, you have learned how to learn Java as a beginner. The article also outlines some of the best Java projects to practice with


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