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Salesforce, Tableau unveil trio of new integrations


Now-a-days the technology is increasing day to day in order to improve the knowledge of the people and reduce the work of those people by doing their work with the help of some machines, softwares, and many more. The data is getting stored using the cloud storage which does not require any hardware equipment. Salesforce is generally used to solve real time problems with a simple solution. Tableau is used to share and explore the data in a large network area i.e., broadcasting. If you are interested to learn this, you can use Salesforce Online Training and join the online course to develop your skills in these things.

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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a tool that is used for supporting, selling, and marketing across the world. It is used to store the data in the cloud where the data is being secured and not be misused by others. It is used to develop the business strategies of an organization in order to get the maximum number of customers for their products. Recently, the stock value of this is reduced by 0.05%.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a tool which is used for the visualization of data that deals with the analytics of data and the intelligence required to make a business. It is generally used to make creative data analytics to make sure that the end customers will like it. It is also used for solving and converting big and complex data sets into a neat data visuals manner.

The Trio of new integrations

Recently, Salesforce had introduced other 3 tools such as Intelligence related to Revenue, CRM Tableau, and CDP direct data. These new tools are being used for integrating the data to get an output that is different compared to the routine outputs that we are getting. It helps for the data analytics which can be done in a simple manner and understandable manner.

According to the discovery of Einstein, data analysis could be done for predicting the data models which can be used from machine learning, artificial intelligence, and business intelligence.

In the first integration, it proved the whole data analytics that are done using Einstein’s theory is used for the development of the Tableau which can be finally changed by the Salesforce which takes initiative.

In the second integration, The integrated data is being asked to share the whole data to the Salesforce. Infact, there are a bunch of tools present in this Salesforce that helps us to solve several natural language queries. It made a good profit for these tools in the year 2020 with nearly $28 Billions.

Intelligence related to the Revenue is used to get many advantages in order to analyze the given data in a proper manner. CRM tableau is used to get the good data visuals to make sure that the predictions are used to get the business of a particular organization in a big manner. CDP direct data is used to convert the data given directly into the best visuals by using some algorithms which makes the data visuals beautiful.

These three new tools made the data to be visualized in a beautiful way so that the customers who are looking at it would be beautiful. The data which is delivered to the customers plays a vital role in this data integration. Here, all the data is getting combined and will be shared to the next level which helps to get us a proper output.

Modern Strategies

The intelligence that is related to the revenue is the tool which is generally used for the cloud basis in order to generate the storage for the customers. It is used for selling the products that contain some leaders to maintain the details of it and to check the revenue working. It also maintains the feedback, dashboards to show that the sales of a particular product is done in some other manner.

CRM  Tableau is used to store the data in the form of dashboards, reviews, and reports that are being planned to forecast the data which is provided by the Salesforce. It is designed to solve a particular data which is analyzed in a perfect format. It is also used to emit the carbon and also the energy that is used for the companies in order to decrease the effect of carbon.

CDP direct data is used to integrate the data that is being collected and become unique with each and every customer related data. It is used for the customers to directly access the data and that is being stored in this without changing the data. It is an advantage which is used to improve the prepared data unless the data is being settled and simplified.

With many companies increasing, it leads to prioritizing the data first and then the data gets stored in the cloud which is capable of many things. Tableau is used for the delivering of the data which is related with some planned data and that is also forecasted in some of the places such as emission of carbons, tracing the footprints, reusable energy, and conducting some audits.

Tableau is very well known for spectating the data which is visualized in a neat manner and the capacities of the visualized data will be getting many advantages as compared to others. 

Future Trends

This Salesforce and Tableau continues to work in a manner to construct the modern capacities, many tools like intelligence related to the revenue improves the advantages of the customers. This intelligence mainly focuses on the sales of the products from their organization in order to improve and increase their business in a large number by placing branches of their organization in many locations.


In this blog, we have seen about the Salesforce, Tableau, The trio of new integrations, Modern strategies, and the future trends. It is used to analyze, interpret the data in a simple manner to get the data visualization done. These are used to sell the products of an organization which gives the customer satisfaction.

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