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What would your business be like if you sold memberships? It might be more than fun to think about, in fact, it might just be transformative. With membership, would you include little add-ons or perks for your biggest fans? Or could it become the entire core of what you do? Likewise, what might you help your clients build?

Whatever you decide to do (or perhaps what a client has hired you to do), you can get it done with Memberful. It’s the best software for building membership businesses, used by the biggest creators on the web.

Memberful is for developers.

You have a goal in mind: to build a great member-powered web experience. But you’re a developer and want to build how you want to build. Good. Memberful is here to support that.

Memberful maintains a full-featured GraphQL API (complete with GraphiQL explorer), webhooks, and OAth Single Sign-on to make it easy to integrate seamlessly with any stack.

Your main site in Rails? No problem. You wanna do a Jamstack thing? Perfect. Do you have a React-powered app through and through? That’ll work.

You don’t have to build entirely from scratch.

For example, Memberful maintains a best-in-class WordPress plugin that easily gates content and adds membership to your website. So if you happen to use WordPress as your CMS, or are thinking of using it to build your website, you’ve got a first-class integration to work with.

If you’re looking to add membership to your existing business, you’ll want a solution that works with your existing technology, so you can launch a new revenue stream without rebuilding your entire tech stack.

You don’t even need to build a website to use Memberful.

If you’re not looking to gate access to content on a custom website, you won’t need a website at all to use Memberful. You can use Memberful’s hosted landing page feature to sell your memberships, and then deliver your member benefits like a private podcast, protected downloads, and newsletters right through the platform — no website required.

Say you already use other tools for your business. Maybe you do all your emailing with MailChimp. Great! Memberful fully integrates with MailChimp. Is Discord your community hub? No problem, Memberful seamlessly integrates with Discord, meaning you can offer paid subscribers perks that are unique to Discord, things like special channels or access roles.

What are some common use cases for Memberful?

  • Private Podcasts
  • Subscription Newsletters
  • Selling digital goods (or physical!)
  • Building communities
  • Membership-driven educational courses

Memberful handles the hard stuff so you can focus on what you do best, while earning revenue quickly. Even advanced features like gift subscriptions, coupons, referrals, free and paid trials and more, are right there for you to take advantage of.

Who handles all the emails?

Memberful does, and you get 100% control of the brand. Yet another thing you won’t need to worry about, which can otherwise be an awful lot of work and technical debt. I’m talking transactional emails here, like signup confirmation emails, welcome emails, forgot password emails, etc.

How does the money work?

Memberful has a free plan to get your feet wet. You can build 2 subscription plans and do website integrations. The PRO plan starts at $25/month and lowers transaction fees to 4.9% down from 10% on the free plan.

Where do those subscription payments go? You connect your Stripe account, so that money goes there, which is the best-in-business payment provider. That means you can offer additional features like Apple Pay and Google Pay which are great for lowering checkout friction for potential customers.

Have questions? Memberful has always-real-human based support at all times to help you.


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