Education Ecosystem Perpetual Revenue Sharing Model for Project Creators

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Great news everyone!

Education Ecosystem is introducing an innovative revenue sharing model for premium project creators—something all of us have been looking up to!

The new payment model will give project creators a reason to smile all the way from the bank, even if they create new projects or not.

How does it work?

Once you’ve started creating projects on the Education Ecosystem, you’ll be paid with both cash and LEDU tokens

And, once we’ve met our operational costs and the project break-evens, we’ll continue paying you on a 50-50 basis—indefinitely.

This means that if the project costs break-evens, we’ll keep 50% of the revenues and pay an extra 50%, which will be split among all the project creators on the platform.

So, even if you do not create any project for a year, you’ll still continue to earn perpetually from the projects you created.


If we make $2,000 in a month, and applying our revenue sharing model, we’ll reserve 50% for all our project creators.

So, we’ll divide the $1,000 based on the number of views every project generates.

Here is a table that explains how the $1,000 can be shared among 5 project creators (imagining the total number of view time on the platform is 1,000 hours:

LiveEdu Introduces a Perpetual Revenue Sharing Model for Project Creators


On the 5th of every month, premium project creators will have a reason to check their account balances. This exciting revenue sharing model is here to stay—it will run indefinitely.

Now is the best time to start creating amazing projects and earn recurring money while you spend time with your family or doing other things.

Click here to begin sharing your skills on Education Ecosystem.

Do you have any questions or comments about this payment model?

Please get in touch with us.


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