Education Ecosystem Curriculum and Certification

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Education Ecosystem’s goal is to build the world’s largest project-based learning library. Projects are geared towards intermediate and advanced learners in the fields of cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and more. To help our subscribers further improve their existing job skills, we will also be introducing two new concepts to our platform: curricula and certifications.

Education Ecosystem Curriculum

Previously, projects created for our platform were single projects focused on how to solve a specific problem in one of our categories. For example, How to create a Cryptocurrency Trading Bot in Node.js in the Cryptocurrency category. Now the focus will be on projects geared towards a specific curriculum.

A curriculum will consist of a set of projects. As opposed to many single projects which are unrelated, curricula will contain batches of related projects, essentially creating a series of projects to help subscribers gain expertise in a particular skill.


An advantage of focusing on curricula instead of singular projects is that category managers can work with project creators to build curricula around a specific job market skill stated by employers in job requirements. Also, multiple project creators can build separate projects for a specific curriculum, allowing curricula to be built faster. Ultimately, as subscribers complete curricula they will then be able to establish their expertise in a particular area through certifications.

Education Ecosystem Certification

One of the benefits of being a subscriber in the Education Ecosystem is that you are rewarded with LEDU coins for completing activities on the platform. However, the ultimate goal of a subscriber on the platform is to undergo professional development and improve their career skills. For that reason we’d like to introduce our Certification program.

Each certificate will be tied to a curriculum. To get the certificate a subscriber will need to pass a two part exam. Part I: Theory ( A multiple choice exam to determine their level of general knowledge about the subject area). Part II: Practical (A real project for the subscriber to work on and complete). The practical part of the exam will be conducted via a livestream and recorded. This will provide verification that the subscriber did not cheat and really worked on the project.

After completing a curriculum, subscribers can then apply for a certification and will be charged a flat fee. They will be able to gain intermediate and expert level certifications such as Ethereum ENS Intermediate Certification or Android Material Design Expert.

Are you excited to start completing curricula and earning certifications? Let us know what you think about the concept in the comments below.

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