Education Ecosystem Roadmap Update and Testnet Release

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Education Ecosystem is seeking to disrupt the $360B professional development market by building the world’s largest project-based learning library — the Netflix for professional development. Our project is focused on improving the job skills of subscribers by connecting them with project creators who teach them how to build complete products in future technology fields such as cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

At the center of this goal is the transformation of our beta product into a decentralized ecosystem, powered by LEDU coins. In keeping with our original roadmap we have been successfully able to hire for key positions, get LEDU coins listed on exchanges, build partnerships with great companies, attend industry events and begin development of our web and android apps. However, at this stage of our project our roadmap needs to be updated.

Roadmap Update

Our targets for Q4–2018 include: conducting our first ecosystem governance poll, launching our testnet and releasing the first versions of our web and android apps, providing a LEDU wallet for all product users and adding fiat trading pairs.

Testnet Launch (Web App & Android App Release)

The ecosystem will be powered by LEDU coins and we are about to reach a key milestone in the progress of our project. In the next weeks we will be officially deploying our smart contracts on the Testnet and also run mainnet tests.

Our project development sprints over the last few months have yielded great progress and we believe we are finally at a point where we can release the first versions of our web and android apps to the public. Along with our public testnet we will launch our unofficial mainnet for private testing. This will be followed by our public mainnet release in Q1- 2019 as per our updated roadmap. During this period our developers will be able to test our product and identify any bugs. Our users will also be able to test our product and provide feedback.

New Subscription Pricing

We have adjusted the subscription pricing for our product. Rather than the tiered pricing of our beta product we will provide access to all of the projects and categories on our platform for the low monthly price of $14.99.

Governance Voting

Our first governance voting poll has been created. Token holders will be able to vote on whether we should change our product name to Education Ecosystem or keep it as LiveEdu. You can find out more about how to vote here. Tokens used in voting will be sent back to token holders after the voting period ends on Nov 21st 2018.

Asia Roadshow Postponement

We have decided to postpone our Asia Roadshow until 2019 rather than Q4–2018. This choice was made for a couple of reasons. First of all, we want to conduct our roadshow when our product has been released and the overall crypto market hopefully has a more positive outlook than it does currently.

Secondly, there are some limitations to what we are able to do in China at this time as we do not have a business license there. This is preventing us from launching our streaming servers and providing the best value for the Chinese market. To solve this problem we are actively searching for an education company in China with whom we can form a strategic partnership, allowing us to serve the Chinese community more effectively.

Despite this postponement, our Asia team will still be attending some events this quarter, including BlockShow Asia later this month.

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