Education Ecosystem Governance Voting: Product Name Change

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One of the benefits of being a LEDU token holder in the Education Ecosystem is that you get to be involved in the decision making process for aspects of the project. We are considering an important change to our project and wanted to provide our token holders with an opportunity to vote and be involved.

Product Name Change

The first ecosystem governance poll will be to decide if we should change the name of our product. We are considering changing our product name to ‘Education Ecosystem’ to replace our original beta product name ‘LiveEdu’. If we go forward with this change our project and first product will both be known as ‘Education Ecosystem’.

How to Vote

Token holders can vote on the name change by staking their LEDU tokens. The more tokens you stake the higher the chances of your choice being selected. To vote for changing the product name to Education Ecosystem, send tokens to this ETH address. To vote for keeping the product name as LiveEdu, send tokens to this ETH address. Token holders can track the status of the poll by logging into their account on the Education Ecosystem website and viewing the governance dashboard.

Voting Period

Start Date: Nov 13th 2018 3pm PST
End Date: Nov 21st 2018 3pm PST

Tokens used in voting will be sent back to token holders after the voting period ends on Nov 21st 2018.


WINNER: Product Name: Education Ecosystem

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