Project Tutorial: How to Create a Minecraft-Like Game in Unity

Project Tutorial: How to Create a Minecraft-Like Game in Unity

Minecraft games, where players mine (excavate) and craft (create) various types of 3D blocks within an extensive terrain are largely popular.

The ability of players in the Minecraft world to dig and build what they want by themselves makes such games thrilling and full of fun.

This two-part project tutorial, How to Create a Minecraft-Like Game in Unity, offers you the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of creating a multiplayer sandbox Minecraft replica—from scratch.

Dimitar Zitosanski, who has more than four years of game development experience, teaches this Unity Minecraft project.

Here is the schedule for this project:

  • Starting Date: from Monday, 1st September 2018

What is the project about?

As earlier mentioned, this project is about how to make a game like Minecraft using the Unity development engine.

This project is divided into two parts: in the first part, you’ll learn how to build the core logic of the game on the client side; then, in the second part, you’ll learn how to create the server side of the Unity Minecraft clone game.

For whom is the project aimed at?

Are you an aspiring game developer who wants to venture into the lucrative gaming industry?

Are you a professional game developer who wants to learn new techniques of creating Minecraft-like games?

Or, do you just want to learn how to build amazing games using the Unity development engine?

Then, this project is suited for you. Don’t allow this opportunity to pass.

Are there any prerequisites before enrolling in this project?

Here are some prerequisite requirements that will accelerate your learning in this project:

  • Intermediate C# knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of servers
  • Basic knowledge of UI
  • Basic knowledge of Unity Networking

What will you be able to do after finishing this project?

This project will walk you through all the steps of building a Unity Minecraft-like game from scratch. Ultimately, you’ll learn how to take your skills to the next level by programming games.

After acquiring the skills, you can expand the functionalities of the created game or build a totally new one with more powerful features—it all depends on your creativity and ability to surmount boundaries.

The Curriculum

a) Server side

Session 1: Setting up UI and Coding the UI logic

  • Session 1.1: Placing all UI elements needed for the game
  • Session 1.2: Writing C# scripts for player chat and utilities
  • Session 1.3: Writing C# scripts for inventory and drag and drop features
  • Session 1.4: Writing C# scripts for items, item templates, and extensions
  • Session 1.5: Writing C# scripts for tooltips and finishing other scripts
  • Session 1.6: Writing C# scripts for player and finishing other scripts
  • Session 1.7: Writing C# scripts for window addons, keep in canvas, and popup scripts
  • Session 1.8: Fixing compiler errors and adjusting prefabs in respective scripts

Session 2: Programming in C# and Adding Core Functionalities

  • Session 2.1: Core world generator (part 1)
  • Session 2.2: Core world generator (part 2)
  • Session 2.3: Core world generator (End and Chunks generator)
  • Session 2.4: Voxels in C# Programming

b) Client side

Session 1: Writing Network Scripts in C#

  • Session 1.1: Network programming (part 1)
  • Session 1.2: Network programming (part 2)

Session 2: Network Manager Sandbox

Session 3: Network Proximity

Session 4: Network Credentials

Session 5: Player Chat

Session 6: Recap

Session 7: Project Overview

Session 8: Testing and game overview

Wrapping up

That is the project tutorial you need to learn how to make Minecraft-like games and explore the various features of the Unity development engine.

If you want to venture into game development, this project will equip you with the essential skills in creating mesmerizing games and adding amazing gameplay mechanics to them.

So, what’s still holding you back?

Register for the LiveEdu Pro subscription account and master the techniques of creating Minecraft games—both on the client side and the server side.

You can find the two parts of this project here and here.

See you inside!


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