How Education Tokens (LEDU) Will Be Used For Payment on LiveEdu


We are currently developing our new LiveEdu platform which will be powered with Education token (LEDU) smart contracts. Each existing and new LiveEdu user will be issued a LEDU wallet in which their LEDU tokens and all payment transactions will be saved. Viewers/learners will need LEDU for all activities they carry out on LiveEdu. Hence for you to be able to carry out any transactions on site you will have to:

  • Use LEDU token that you already own
  • Purchase LEDU tokens with fiat (Paypal, Credit card)
  • Use BTC or ETH to buy LEDU from LiveEdu or on or Bibox.

Users will pay only for subscriptions and be distributed LEDU coins which can be used for activities on the site. We will charge a certain amount of LEDU coins for activities such as:

  • Watching projects
  • Project file downloads
  • Voting on projects
  • Requesting projects
  • Sending personal Q&A to project creators
  • Video downloads

Viewers can load their LEDU wallet with more LEDU and use it for non-subscription related activities like donations.

Even though our new platform is not launched, viewers can pay for their subscriptions with LEDU. The payment process is run manually. To buy subscriptions with LEDU or pay for donations with LEDU please send an email to “[email protected]


Learners/Viewers on LiveEdu will be rewarded with the allocation of tokens for each positive learning activity they complete. Such as:

  • Watching live streams
  • Watching project video playlists
  • Total monthly view time
  • Submitting premium project suggestions
  • Inviting friends
  • Following projects

LiveEdu understands the importance of quality content for the improvement of the user experience for all learners and content creators. Hence, there are also QUALITY ASSURANCE and SITE MODERATION rewards for:

  • reporting bugs
  • technical streaming issues
  • video quality issues
  • Content moderation

Buy education tokens (LEDU) now on and Bibox!


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