Video Upload is Coming to LiveEdu for Monetizable Educational Tutorials

Video Upload LiveEdu

A lot of users have been asking in the past for video upload on LiveEdu. Since the demand for that’s now coming in weekly, we are going to allow from today video upload of monetizable educational tutorials. Video upload gives those who are shy to stream live or have a bad internet connection the option to record their content offline and upload it on LiveEdu. Video Upload is now a new way content creators can provide their content on LiveEdu. It also enables content creators to edit and polish their content before uploading it.

Will viewers learn something and upgrade their skills by watching your uploaded videos? Are your videos narrative and pleasant to watch?

Note that it isn’t possible to upload any random videos, but only monetizable educational tutorials. Each project will be screened by LiveEdu before the streamer can upload videos for it.

Note: The default video upload format is 1080p. Anything below 1080p will not be accepted.

What is monetizable educational content? Monetizable educational content is any content that a viewer is willing to pay for to watch. Monetizable educational tutorials can be any of the following:

  • Complete project from A-Z
  • Best practices
  • Question & answers

In short, the content should be good enough and educationally valuable to convince viewers to buy LiveEdu Pro to watch it and download the project resources for their practice.

The content can be either premium or non-premium project. It can also be a blog or tutorial project. Video upload is not reserved for only premium projects even though premium projects will make the bulk of videos uploaded. For now, video uploaded content can only be accepted in English, Russian, Chinese, German or Portuguese as these are languages our current users use mostly.

We do not accept for video upload beginner tutorials and content topics that you can easily find for free on the Web as such content is not monetizable. If viewers will not pay to watch the content because is not in tutorial mode, not educational or has technical issues, it cannot be approved for video upload. Any video to be uploaded has to meet the basic LiveEdu content quality criteria. In addition, the videos should be cleanly cut and edited well since they are recorded offline. Work mode projects where streamer is silently working on his project and does not explain things cannot be accepted for video upload as no viewer will pay for such content.

Video uploads will be only done if streamer agrees that the content will only be available exclusively on LiveEdu. We cannot monetize any content which is also available on other platforms. Video upload content creators will be paid subscription and advertising revenue just like content creators who stream live.

Right now, the video upload will be done manually as we want to understand how the process works for both streamers and viewers. Later on, the automated system will be created to smoothen the video upload process.

What are the steps to Video Upload?

  1. Understand that video upload on LiveEdu is only for content exclusively uploaded on LiveEdu. If your content is already on other platforms or you plan to upload it on other platforms it is not suitable for LiveEdu and will get no payout.
  2. Content creator reads the LiveEdu content quality criteria manual
  3. He goes on LiveEdu and creates a new project and fills out the complete project details on the page.
  4. He records the videos offline, edit them and cut them clean. The videos should always be of 1080p resolution.
  5. Send an email to [email protected] and ask for your project to be approved for video upload
  6. LiveEdu checks, approves and uploads the videos to your created project.
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Video Uploading Simplified!


How will you get paid for monetizable educational content?

A: In the same way same way content creators who stream live get paid. Check out the article  “how can you make money as a content creator on LiveEdu” to know more.

What if the content is not up to the mark?

A:  Content quality team checks it matches our criteria and gives it a: ‘pass,’ ‘correction needed’ or ‘rejected.’ If you did not follow the content quality criteria and guidelines in this article your project will be rejected for video upload.


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