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Ruby Quiz What is the name of the Ruby module that offers a wide variety of methods for conducting mathematical tasks and operations?



The Ruby Math module provides the Ruby programmer with an extensive range of methods for performing mathematical tasks. In addition, the Math module includes two commonly used mathematical constants:

As mentioned previously, Ruby provides an extensive range of math related methods. These are listed and described in the following table.

Method name Description
Math.acos, Math.acos! Arc cosine
Math.acosh, Math.acosh! Hyperbolic arc cosine
Math.asin, Math.asin! Arc sine
Math.asinh, Math.asinh Hyperbolic arc sine
Math.atan, Math.atan!, Math.atan2, Math.atan2! Arc tangent. atan takes an x argument. atan2 takes x and y arguments
Math.atanh, Math.atanh! Hyperbolic arc tangent
Math.cos, Math.cos! Cosine
Math.cosh, Math.cosh Hyperbolic cosine
Math.sin, Math.sin! Sine
Math.erf Error function
Match.erfc Complementary error function
Math.exp, Math.exp! Base x of Euler
Math.frexp Normalized fraction and exponent
Math.hypot Hypotenuse
Math.ldexp Floating-point value corresponding to mantissa and exponent
Math.sinh, Math.sinh! Hyperbolic sine
Math.sqrt, Math.sqrt! Square root
Math.tan, Math.tan! Tangent
Math.tanh, Math.tanh! Hyperbolic tangent

Now that we have a list of the math methods available to us, we can start to use them:

To perform a square root:

Or a Euler calculation:

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