How To Market Your Streams?

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market your streams

One of the biggest challenges that we have seen from our data is how hard it becomes for broadcasters to market their streams. Streaming your work is one of the best ways to display your abilities. But, what’s the point if no one joins your stream and notice you do some awesome work?

Clearly, you need to market your streams to get the most value from them. If you market your streams correctly, you should get the following benefits:

  • More viewers.
  • More followers.
  • Increased exposure on multiple social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You can create your streamer’s profile and then market it as well.
  • A greater chance of getting more donations.
  • Ad revenue as we intend to play ads on popular videos.

However, the big question remains unanswered: What are the best social media platforms to use to market your streams? Here’s a great list:


Facebook is the largest social media site with millions of user visiting the website on a daily basis. It also hosts the largest communities and can easily be used to market your videos. You can also opt to publish your page and join related communities to market your videos. You can get started with the five top communities mentioned below:


Twitter is the second-largest community on the internet, and can easily be used to market your streams. To make your streams shine, you can use the following popular hastags:

  • #java
  • #iot
  • #iOS
  • #programming
  • #python


Forums are the backbone of the internet. Nothing can beat structured content and you can take advantage of community forums and post your streams/videos there, reaching a lot of users.  You can use the top forums to get started.


 LinkedIn can easily give you the exposure for getting a job, as well as attracting professional viewers. Share your streams to LinkedIn groups. You can also link one of your most popular video in your profile.


Reddit can also be used to get instant viewers. You can also get instant feedback for your streams which in turn can quickly help you improve your future streams. You can get started with the top Reddit communities below:


Making your channel popular takes a lot of effort and time. If you market your streams regularly, you can easily get regular viewers to your channel.

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