Gaming or Coding? Why Not Both? Start Coding Your Own Games on Livestream

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Coding is not simple. Even if someone becomes an expert it doesn’t really become easy, just more manageable. The complex nature of coding, however, doesn’t stop some great games from being developed. They are fun to play and ensure that users can take a break from the real world and immerse themselves in the virtual world.

The game market is at its peak and has been the number one driving force for programmers to pick up coding skills. In the past thirty years, games have evolved from simple 2D Mario-style games to complex games like Call of Duty that take advantage of 3D models and complex animations.

So, are you a beginner? Have you ever wondered how games are developed or how can you maximize your success by broadcasting game development (if you are starting your journey or already are a game developer)? Just like you, there are hundreds of beginning and expert game developers who want to learn real game development or improve their craft.

Game Development can be mastered


Invest time and you can achieve anything!

Despite popular belief, game development is not as hard or complex as perceived. Programming a game is no longer as complex as in the past, thanks to tools and resources easily available on the internet, allowing even new game developers to start with a boost. They can approach game development by combining two or three simple ideas, rather than start building from the ground up.

The only thing that you need to make sure of is that your game concept is fresh and unique.

Further down the line, you might want to broadcast your game development for everyone to see. If you are seeking motivation, now is the right time to get started as you can create a fan following for your game before it is even released.

Livestreaming as you develop your game can have multiple benefits:

    • Get feedback directly from your audience.
    • Learn some cool tricks and tips from experienced game developers.
    • Get donations to fund your game.
    • Create a following even before the game is released.
  • Get the attention of game companies who are seeking to work on their next big project.


Ideas have no value until they are executed. The same holds true when it comes to game development – ideas are worth nothing until you start executing them. So, do not wait, and start developing the next GOTY (Game of the Year) and create a fan following even before it is released. With support from the community, you can now fulfill your dream of developing the game that you were always thinking about!


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