10 Top Java Blogs to Improve Your Coding Skills

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There is a excellent chance that, as you go about your everyday life, you have used Java. And most likely, you have used it in multiple ways. If you have an Android smartphone, play Minecraft or many other games, used e-commerce in some fashion, or browsed any number of web sites, you have probably encountered Java.

Java is a general-purpose programming language, designed to have few implementation dependencies so developers can create WORA (Write Once and Run Anywhere) applications. It was originally created for interactive television, but that plan was dropped because the language was too advanced for television systems at that time.

Now, the platforms have caught up to the language. And it has fallen to the developers – whether paid professionals or students looking to break into the industry – to keep up with the technology.

So, how has Java managed to maintain its place as one of the premiere programming languages? For starters, it has lived up to the five primary goals it was created to be:

  1. Simple, object-oriented, and familiar.
  2. Robust and secure
  3. Architecture-neutral and portable.
  4. High performance.
  5. Interpreted, threaded, and dynamic.

Invented by James Gosling under Sun Microsystems in 1995. Java is now owned by Oracle Corporation. But while it is owned and licensed by a large corporation, it is the community of coders and enthusiasts that have really brought it to life. And one common method that community keeps in touch with each other, and with the creators and developers of Java, is through blogs.

With these blogs, you, as a developer, can keep up on the latest trends, be aware of updates and new features, and perhaps find some tips for overcoming your latest challenge. All of this allows you to better create the applications and programs your customers want. And a happy customer means a regular paycheck.

But with the thousands of blogs out there (“Java blog” as a Google search term returns over 43 million results), finding the best can be as much a chore as building a program. So, here is our list of the top 10 Java blogs.

10 Top Java Blogs to Improve Your Coding Skills

The Java Source

Publishing insider news from Oracle’s Java team, The Java Source gives you information on the best available Java updates from the people most closely associated with them. The blog is also the best place for Java developers to get the latest news and discover new projects. The website is visited by more than 2.5 million enthusiasts every month.


Java, SQL, & JOOQ

This website is mainly used by programmers seeking to improve the overall performance of their lines of code. The blog primarily focuses on helping the Java programmers community by providing them with enough information to improve quality, and expand user knowledge. It roughly has 200,000 monthly visits.


Java Code Geeks

This website contains articles, latest news, reviews and guidance on Java. The name of the website completely fits its purpose – it is created for code geeks by code geeks. Targeting technical architects, project managers, and both senior and junior developers, JCG even allows selected specialists to submit snippets of code. The website has over 2.5 million hits every month. 


Java World

This site holds the most significant collection of Java resources available on the internet. There are many articles, tutorials, and tips on career guidance given to the users written by expert Java developers. The website gets around 1.5 million visits every month.



Java is one of the biggest, most-used programming languages meaning no one can really achieve perfection. jGuru is a website that provides the latest Java-related information written by influential people in the industry with extensive knowledge and experience. This blog is read by more than 80,000 people every month. jGuru also creates a community where people can share their work and experience with Java development.


InfoQ’s Java Section

The blog offers a variety of content on Java and news related to its development. The website has more than 1.1 million monthly readers, and offers an array of debugging techniques, insights from industry experts, free access to publications, books, and much more.


Thoughts On Java

This blog is one of the best available for Java developers. It provides a great variety of articles and the latest information on Java development. The website gets viewed more than 100,000 times every month by enthusiasts from all over the globe.



Java2S offers a broad range of content for developers all around the world. The website is divided into categories like Java language, Java data type, Java collection, Data format, etc. to make the user interface much easier. The site has more than 3.6 million viewers each month.


How To Do In Java

The website goes in-depth on a variety of concepts, and offers some of the best tutorials created by expert Java developers. The website also contains many illustrations to simplify and clarify things. “How to do in Java” has around 650,000 visits every month.



With more than 350,000 views each month, “Javarevisited” contains all the latest news and articles. The blog is divided into categories such as core java, spring, hibernate, collections, etc. The website also has interviews with of some of the experts in Java programming language.

The well-rounded programmer never relies on a single source of information. Keeping up on these 10 blogs can, however, ensure you have all the latest Java news and access to vital resources. Each presents content in a slightly different way, so odds are good that one will really connect with you, giving you the information and inspiration you need.


So, what do you think about the java blogs shared above? Do you think that we should have added some few more? If so, which one you think should have made the list? Comment below and let us know.

Source: https://educationecosystem.com/blog/java-blogs/

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