Coder’s Block Got You? Get Some Momentum Back, Start Livestreaming NOW

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coders block

Staring at a blank screen? Been doing that for a couple hours? Maybe longer? This isn’t unusual, though it can be tremendously frustrating. Many know this condition as writer’s block, and it can be like a mental roadblock. Programmers suffer from this as well – coder’s block.

Programmers are mostly hit by unusual problems and unique challenges, which they can become stuck in. This limbo time can easily range from hours, to a few days, to even weeks. In this time, you can feel that there is no end in sight and you might also feel lost.

No matter what lines you add, or take away, the same error occurs. And no matter your experience or training, you just can’t make it go away.

So, what is the solution to the problem? Is there any break from this condition? Or perhaps worse yet, procrastination – the monkey on your back that always tells you that you can delay it to the last day and get it done? There is! Livestreaming!

Livestreaming is the best way to deal with coder’s block or to overcome procrastination and challenge the problem head-on. And, of course, get the job done by the deadline, making the customer or employer happy.

Getting Started


Livestreaming not only ensures that you are interacting with the audience but also gives you back the momentum that you were looking for. There are many programmers who love to program but lose the path. Some might be driven away from programming forever, and that is not good for the coding community.

Anyone who deals with unexpected problems, and gets stuck, knows sometimes the best way to get past it is to talk it out. Sitting alone and just staring at your keyboard rarely fixes anything. Finding someone who has been through this before, perhaps even on a closely related issue, can be a huge plus for the stuck programmer.

And livestreaming is exactly that. You can look up a coder who is working on a similar project, and watch what they are doing. Perhaps they will show some trick, maybe just the right block of code, that will get you back on track.

Perhaps your problem is motivation – you assume you can get it done later, but don’t feel like working on it right now. But you need to find a way to overcome this level of procrastination, which can be bad for your business, and your chances of future employment. Ever watch a sporting event and feel like going out to play a game? Livestreaming is like that, just with programming.

If watching another programmer’s stream or video doesn’t work, you can always contact them directly. Messaging or setting up a 1:1 private session are both available, and both are effective.

Also, don’t confuse procrastination and losing momentum with burnout. Burnout is something different and should be taken care of differently. Read this interesting article to know more about programmer’s burnout and how to handle it. Though, coder’s block and procrastination can lead to burnout and should be handled carefully.

What are the benefits?

Getting over the hurdle – either coder’s block or self-inflicted by procrastination –  is one benefit we have discussed to this point. However, there are many other benefits of livestreaming. Let’s list them:

  • You will meet likeminded people and create a group that matters.
  • Help someone solve their own problem and give back to the community.
  • You now have followers! Take care of them and stream regularly.
  • New ideas will generate more naturally.

The key to getting the most benefit of all the above points is regular streaming. If you stop, you will lose almost everything instantly. If you stream irregularly, there is a high chance that the benefits will lose most of their value. So, if you start, don’t make an abrupt stop. Stream regularly and you will almost certainly find these benefits, and more.


The internet has given us a medium to create meaningful connections and it is up to you as to how you utilize it to your advantage. provides anyone a way to share their projects in a structured and meaningful way, creating an experience that was never possible earlier. You can also get access to new information, and learn tips and tricks from the best.

So, what you are streaming next to get over your coder’s block or overcome procrastination? Share it in the comments section below.


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