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c# array values

The Array is used to store information in a structured manner. It is a data structure that helps store and retrieve data. If you are looking to add values to a C# array, you have come to the right place. You can do so by using the following code:

The above code is easy to understand. All you need to do is initialize a new array and then add values by using a loop.

However, using an Array data structure may not always be the best solution. For instance, if you later determine you need to expand the array size, you cannot just do that as it is an immutable data structure. To solve the problem, you can use Lists, a data structure that works similar to Array, but without the size limits. To utilize List, you can use the following code and get better results in terms of adding values later on:

With List, you can add new elements by using the Add() function.

The above line of code will add 55 to the end of the list. In short, Arrays are immutable whereas Lists are a mutable data structure.

Sometimes, it is necessary to use Array. For example, if you are storing a numeric month value, there is no point in using List for the operation. But, if you have used List to create the month numbers, you can also easily convert it back to the Array by using the following code. This will add security to your code and also ensure that the app doesn’t break down due to bugs.

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