New Streaming Cluster is Live with 2500 Stream Bitrate

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As promised, our new streaming cluster is now up and running. The new streaming cluster replaces the old one and provides better streaming experience to our users. Our initial announcement received a positive response from our users especially those who wanted their stream to be crisp and high quality of 2300kbps and 160kps audio.

Right now, every stream on our website goes through the new streaming cluster. As promised, our new streaming cluster is live from Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. The EU-NA-AP cluster enables smoother and pleasant streaming experience for anyone around the world.


The New EU-NA-AP cluster.

Currently, we have worked on a very simple logic for distributing the streams for optimal performance. Want to find from where you are live? Check it below.

  1. If you are broadcasting from North America or South America continent, you are using the US cluster. Countries such as United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Choctaw, and Chile, also utilize the US cluster.
  2. If you are broadcasting from Asia or Oceania, you are using the Asia-Pacific(AP) cluster. Countries that also utilize the cluster are China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Australia, AP, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Philippines and Indonesia.
  3. Our last cluster, Europe handles all the other broadcasting request around the world. So, if your country or continent is not mentioned above, be sure that you are live from the EU cluster.

Note: All the Asia users will be manually moved to our AP cluster for a better broadcasting experience. This helps anyone from AP area to broadcast at lower latency and better quality.

Should you utilize the new bitrate increase?

If currently, you broadcast at 1.5mbps bitrate and your stream quality and screen readability are good, we will advise you not to increase it. The reason is that a viewer needs minimum the same download internet speed as your streaming bitrate. If you stream at a bitrate above 1.5mbps even though you don’t need it, some viewers will not be able to watch your live streams or videos.

What’s next?

We are making significant changes to our platform, so don’t forget to subscribe to the blog newsletter. Have suggestions, queries or other questions? Don’t forget to ask them in the comment section below.


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