JavaScript BabyNoggin App – To Make Sure Babies Are As Healthy As They Can Be

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For week W34-2016 JavaScript Project the broadcaster, CodeHatcher, is working on BabyNoggin. Let’s learn more about it.

CodeHatcher is a regular broadcaster on He is from San Francisco, USA.  He has more than 5 years of JavaScript experience. He has been working on his new project, BabyNoggin. BabyNoggin helps parents to have an overview of their baby’s health and give them better capabilities to manage their children’s development using milestones.

What is the BabyNoggin all about? Give us a brief.

We are an app platform that empowers parents to understand the developmental milestones of their baby to make sure their baby is as healthy as they can be.

What is the motivation behind the project?

We want to make sure that every baby has a fair chance in life by giving parents the information they need when they need it.

Which language/framework/API you used in your project? What are the reasons for choosing them? Any specific reason?

We use React.js with Meteor.js. This allows us to get up and running quickly with quick updates (bypassing some of the 2 weeks long Apple app review process) but still allowing us to transition into a closer native experience by switching to React Native when the time is right.

What challenges did you encounter during the project?

Everything from technical libraries being out of date to the user flows not being fast enough for the users.

Which feature of the project stands out?

Development milestones. We are the only app that looks act actual developmental milestones for babies while also giving the option to integrate with the hospital pediatrician. We are focused on the science while still being user-friendly.

Did you start the project as a side project or a serious commercial project?

Serious commercial project. We knew we wanted to make a difference.

What is the current state of the project?

We are in closed alpha getting ready for an internal beta release. If you have someone who has a child less than 3 years old, have them sign up on our website for an invite.

If not complete, how much time do you think when the first version hits the market?

Another month or two. There is always something to do but if you aren’t embarrassed when you make your first release, you released too late.

What’s your future plan? Or how you see yourself in next 5 years?

In 5 years I will still be using technology to make sure that we have better outcomes in health and science.

Lastly, what you think about and its future?

It is the best way to join a programming session and understand what a real life startup developer is going through. We all have seen YouTube videos and tutorials, but this gives you the chance to share in the experience unlike anything else.

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